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Burnt Electrons moves to DreamHost, hilarity ensues…

MightyMu is hosted there. mconnor is hosted there. Jesse Ruderman is hosted there. But I prefer month-to-month plans usually, and DreamHost charges a $50 set up fee for monthly accounts. Setup fees went out with $70 domain names and useful information at GeoCities. Everything else there was tops, great bandwidth, great storage, great features. But they seem to like the setup fee (so much so you still have to pay it if you change from a yearly setup-fee-free plan to a monthly plan), so I never switched. Until now.

I used to be at Total Choice Hosting (TCH for short), which was great at the time. Unlimited email addresses, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, etc. It started at $4 a month, with no setup fees. Support was great. Everything was groovy. but recently I’ve seen an uptick in my site’s popularity, which is cool, but in March my bandwidth came within a few megs of the limit. So I bumped up a buck to the $5 plan to get 850MB of storage and 20GB of transfer a month. In April, the growth rate kept up, I used 14GB with a general trend showing each day increasing over the last. In May I would have hit probably 20GB, and would have had to upgrade again, or start pulling content. I hate to pull content off, because then what’s the point of having a site?

Then Jesse mentioned DreamHost was having a sale back in December. They were celebrating 7 years of business, and had a promotional code to get a discount. It made the price 77 cents per month for 12 months, for a one year total of $9.24. How could I pass that up? Turns out they throw in a domain name with each plan, and it was good on this offer also. Well, it became no contest. Despite TCH being a great host, one I’d recommended before, I couldn’t pass this up with all that bandwidth to spare. So now I’m hosted here at DreamHost. Thanks, Jesse. And everyone who loves my Shared Media directory thanks you too. (It’ll look better soon too, as I’ll be playing with Apache tools to spruce up this stuff.)

Update:I forgot to mention, the site seems a lot faster now too. The server I was on at TCH was getting a little crowded, with ~90% memory in use, high load averages, etc. But here it’s zippy all the time, so added bonus! Woo!

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Some Days You Get the Bear…

And some days the bear gets you. Boy did he get me today. Twice. I had to leave my car at a local store parking lot last month when the front brakes were too bad to drive, the pads wore put and tore into the rotors. I told the manager I’d have it removed in a day or two, and they said that was ok. But apparently she failed to tell the next manager, as the car was towed the next morning. I didn’t even know until the following day. That was about $200 unexpectedly. Then the front brakes still needed fixed, so that was another $250. And a couple months before the rear drum brakes needed replaced. Another $200. And today I found out my registration had already lapsed. I mistakenly thought it was good through May. Nope. Now I can’t drive the car I’ve sunk almost $700 into in a short time, and have to get new registration.

And I lost a customer somehow. I created a site for him last year, and just got the domain renewal notices for it. Somehow he went from happy to not happy without any warning or interaction. I was flabbergasted at this. I’m always upset to lose a client for any reason, but usually something happens that isn’t resolved, or a competitor has a more attractive offer. I’m not really sure what happened here, and hate the idea of him going away uphappy.

So, it’s been a crappy, costly day.

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Bandwidth costs money…

Yikes. Seems some of the stuff I had in Shared Media got linked from some pix site. In two days it burnt through 4.06GB in an hour. And another 3.31GB over the next day. It was my cache of Lindsey Lohan pictures. I’ve had to slap a password on them for now, because I’m less than 2 gigs from my bandwidth cap for the month. So, I’d love to open them back up, but right now, won’t be able to until April 1. But, for just five dollars I could reopen it, because I can buy some extra bandwidth. And, my host (Total Choice Hosting, who while they’re a great host, don’t offer any kind of referral bonus sadly) accept PayPal as well as credit cards for payment. So, I’ve decided to see if anyone cares enough to chip in a buck or two. So, if you liked the Firefox logos, or the Lohan pix, or other goodies, chip in a buck or three! If you do, and want to check out the Lohan pix, mail me a copy of the receipt and I’ll mail back the login and password. It’s off for now so I don’t do belly up. 🙂

Update: Well, we’re up to $3 so far. 🙂

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Help Identify These Heads!

Ok, my mother received these busts of an Indian man and woman many years ago as gifts. And after all these years, we’re interested in their origin. I’ve taken photos of the front and profile views of each one, and a shot of the maker’s mark stamp on the back bottom of each, and they’re in here if you’d like to view them. There are two front shots of the man because he didn’t seem to take a good photo. Now, when I say Indian, I mean from India, not Native American. The maker’s mark isn’t very clear, the glazing seems to have obscured part of the name. I’m pretty sure the first five letters are “MAGWA”, but the sixth and final letter I’m unclear on. It could be a G, or an L, but I’m not sure at all. It’s something Industroes, and I think the last part is “IN” for India. Any information at all would be really great.

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If I disappear again…

If I disappear again in the next few days, it’s because my DSL went tits-up (as those cheeky Brits say), and I’ve lost my connection. I shouldn’t be gone for long, however. Hendikins is also an admin for theAnnoyed Contributors Network forums, so bitch to him if the feces impacts the air-circulator. I shall return as soon as possible. Enjoy the reprieve.

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It seems no matter where I go, I see people whining in blog comments all around the web about the blog owner’s content. So, I decided it’s time to post a nice disclaimer.

This blog is mine, not yours. I pay monthly costs for hosting, yearly costs for domain names, spend time making various forms of content, then put it up here for anyone or no one to look at, free. You are welcome and invited to view the entire contents of the site. However, if you do decide to view the content, and find you do not like the content of this (or any other) blog, you have no recourse, and may feel free to take a leap off a frelling cliff.

Thank you, The Mgmt.

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[22:14] <steeler_fan> “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt, March 4, 1933
[22:14] <steeler_fan> “Oh, and starvation. We might all starve.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt, March 4, 1933
[22:15] <nosebleed> lol
[22:15] <steeler_fan> “Why no women, blacks, or non-Christians have answered the Founders’ challenge is a mystery, though most indications point to some inherent genetic flaw.”
[22:16] <steeler_fan> “Give me liberty or give me death…but preferably liberty.” — Patrick Henry, 1775
[22:17] <steeler_fan> “Despite working long hours in grueling conditions, most slaves received absolutely no college credits for their unpaid labor.”
[22:18] * jesus_X wonders how steeler_fan managed to channel hao2lian.
[22:18] * hao2lian has joined #bs
[22:18] <steeler_fan> freaky, jesus_X
[22:18] <Chewie[]> …
[22:18] <steeler_fan> how’d you do that?
[22:18] <nilson> whoah
[22:18] <Chewie[]> what the fuck?
[22:19] <hao2lian> Don’t take that tone of voice with me.
[22:19] <hao2lian> What’d I do?
[22:19] <hao2lian> Or what did someone who we shall not mention do?

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Programming Challenge!

Ok folks, this is a challenge. The prize will be a very hackable Polaroid i-Zone Webster ‘scanner’ doohickey. It’s more like a handheld webcam with built in memory, although it can’t do live streaming with the software provided. You can however hack the interface software (TWAIN compliant), hack the casing so it can take photos of stuff without holding it up against the items, and it’s got a simple serial interface (very simple) so I’m sure an enterprising Linux hacker can figure out how to get the data out of it.

What’s the challenge? In 1988, Michael J. Mefford created a utility for PC Magazine called DIRMAGIC, short for Directory Magic. It’s a kick ass little utility, but it has some short comings. It can’t handle large drives (where large is still significantly short of half a gig). It can’t handle more than (approximately) 1k files in a directory. It’s slow full screen due to BIOS call emulation, and even slower in a window. It can’t handle long file names (obviously). Essentially, computers exceeded the programs built-in future-headroom. But, I have never found anything that can take it’s place. So, I issue this challenge. I’m looking for a Win32 Console mode app to replace DirMagic. So that this isn’t a blind challenge, I’m including “screenshots” and a zip of the program. It’s comprised entirely of an 8 kilobyte .COM file. All that functionality in 8k. Obviously, I don’t expect that in the W32 Console mode version. 🙂 Lastly, it would really kick ass if the winner makes it open source. GPL not required, as I like the MPL‘s approach better anyway. Screenshots and the zip are inside.
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And now, the world shall be mine!

With this cover story I have completed contruction of my Gigantic Earth Propeller! With it, I will reverse the rotation of the earth, and strike fear into the hearts of billions! The sun will move from west to east at a speed I determine according to my evil will!World governments will bow before me as their Eternal Emperor, and the rebels will be blown into space when I fling them into the Gigantic Earth Propeller’s air stream! Muhahahahaha!

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Wanted: MS Optical Wireless Mouse user.

If you own one of these: Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse, please let me know. Thank you for your attention, we now return you to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress.

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