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Never wake up monday morning in a panic again.

[ music | The Bangles – Manic Monday ]

Politicians do it, every one of them. Generals do it, CEOs and Chairmen of the Board too. And frankly, once in a while I know you wished you could have done it too. What am I talking about? Ghost writing. Why am I talking about it? Well, a good friend of mine runs a ghost writing company called GoodTermPaper.

While him being one of my best friends might bias me, I think Larry’s a brilliant writer. he always was. He started ghostwriting several years ago and has grown it into a full fledged business competing with other, somewhat dodgy companies who offer stock papers that will get you nailed for plagarism faster than a copy/paste from Wikipedia. Larry and his team of writers at GoodTermPaper actually create every project to spec for each customer, no recycled crap. I’ve seen where some of their customers come from, too. Top notch universities around the country, Ivy League even. Most are repeat customers, too, so that speaks to the quality of the work. Their customers come back again and again.

Recently their website was redone, as well, with a more updated and cleaner look. I must say a fantastic job was done, as well. 😉

So next time you have been given a really crappy assignment, or forgot your project is due in two days, don’t panic. Call the pros, and make your professors wonder when you got so smart.

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The Algebra of Defeat

[ music | The Clash – Should I Stay or Go Now ]

The Algebra of Defeat

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This is one fairy tale I’ll be seeing.

[ music | Whistle While You Work ]

You know, normally I have a crush on Cinderella for some reason. Then I saw some shots of Rachel Weisz as Snow White. I haven’t been this excited by Snow White since I played a bunny in our school play of it in the first grade…

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Merry Christmas!

[ music | The Christmas Song – Mel Torme ]

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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Well, you have a lot of gall!

[ music | Depeche Mode – A Pain That I’m Used To ]

So, a couple times in June and once in August I get this near-pain in my upper abdomen. A little research showed that it was in the area of my gall bladder. It wasn’t horrendous pain. I just had to sleep carefully on one side, and it only happened after a couple really cheesy meals, so I assumed it was some kind of indigestion of the fatty cheeses.

Flash forward to last night. About 11:30pm I get the same pain, although it dulls a little. I get a couple hours sleep. The pain returns about 8 in the morning, and I can’t get back to sleep. Still not really bad yet, I waste a couple hours then get ready for work. It’s getting pretty bad now. 1pm rolls around and I feel like I’m being stabbed over and over. This is a little more than I can deal with, so I decide to go to the hospital. Over the next ten minutes it got much much worse, and getting to the hospital on my own is no longer an option. I’m doubled over in agony, pale as death (from what I hear), sweating like a klansman in Harlem, and call 911. By the time the ambulance comes I’m weak, shaking, dizzy, and nauseous as hell. They put me on oxygen and hit the gas to the hospital. I do the technicolor yawn twice during the ten minute ride. We arrive and they start an IV, take blood, give me a wonderful cocktail of painkillers in my IV, and I’m back on Earth.

A few hours and tests later we find out I need my gall bladder removed. I have three gallstones, and they can’t do the ultrasonic crushing like kidney stones. So, I’ll consult with some surgeons, watch my diet, and get it yanked in the next few weeks.

I’d like to take this moment to thank the Republican party for helping make it possible for 44 million Americans to have no health insurance by demonizing every national healthcare initiative as “socialism”, and not raising the minimum wage in over a decade, yet raising their own pay 7 times in the same period. Rock on!

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They’re Made Of Meat.

[ music – They Might Be Giants – Planet of the Apes ]

“So we just pretend there’s no one home in the universe.”
“That’s it.”
“Cruel. But you said it yourself, who wants to meet meat?”

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Randi Kaye’s shocking exposé

[ music | Peter Gabriel – Shock The Monkey ]

I really shouldn’t enjoy this as much as I do. But it’s bloody funny as hell.

PS: A little background if you have no idea WTF that clip is about, but actually care. 🙂

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I hate people.

[ music | Guns ‘n’ Roses – Get In The Ring ]

If you tune out geekish entries, don’t ignore this one, this is a good old fashioned rant.

I visit BusinessWeek Online to read this story on IE7. I scroll down, but there’s nothing to read. They have succumbed to the idiotic Audioblog/Podcast meme. I hate podcasts, I hated them when they were audioblogs, I liked them when they were called talk radio, but that’s because I was in the car, and you can’t read and drive at the same time (safely). Anyway, so people rarely provide a transcript, so I generally ignore their podcasts. This is why (this is if you already know why).

But this one is newsworthy enough that I was going to break down and listen. But they can’t just provide a link to the media file, no. That would be far too simple. You have to either use iTunes, which I hate, or subscribe to their RSS Feed with your feed reader. So I just peeked at the source to their RSS feed, and grabbed the media file’s link manually.

They typoed the goddamned filename. They make you jump through hoops just to listen, and then they can’t even type the damn filename right.

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Route 66…

[ music | Johnny Cash – The Wanderer ]

Ok, I’m packing up and heading out soon. So for now I’m disabling comments here on the site. You can still email me all your love and hate letters, but I probably won’t see it till the weekend. I have a lot of work to do, and very little time to do it, just how I like it. 😉 Later folks.

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Aaron Brown and CNN part ways

[ music | Joan Jett – Victim Of Circumstance ]

Well, CNN did it, they let go the classiest and most interesting anchor they had. As if giving Wolf Blitzer three solid hours every day wasn’t bad enough, they’ve let Aaron Brown go from the network. I liked him almost instantly from the morning of September 11, 2001, when he was on the roof of CNN’s New York offices covering the horrors of that day. And I liked his NewsNight show ever since. No longer. If he shows up on another news network, I just might find myself watching a lot less CNN.

Aaron Brown

Update: Ok, Anderson Cooper, who now has Aaron’s timeslot, just finished his first hour in that timeslot with a 4 minute piece on Aaron’s background, his time at CNN, how they worked together at ABC and then CNN, and thanked him in a very generous and sincere manner. Not a ten second blurb or something thrown together, but a 4 minute segment with old footage and such that actually took time and energy to do. CNN is was damn lucky to have Aaron, and I’m telling you, they’re damn lucky to have Anderson Cooper. They dismissed Aaron in a very tactless manner, but Anderson Cooper just showed the world that some people at CNN still have class. Bravo, Anderson, bravo.

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