Help Identify These Heads!

Ok, my mother received these busts of an Indian man and woman many years ago as gifts. And after all these years, we’re interested in their origin. I’ve taken photos of the front and profile views of each one, and a shot of the maker’s mark stamp on the back bottom of each, and they’re in here if you’d like to view them. There are two front shots of the man because he didn’t seem to take a good photo. Now, when I say Indian, I mean from India, not Native American. The maker’s mark isn’t very clear, the glazing seems to have obscured part of the name. I’m pretty sure the first five letters are “MAGWA”, but the sixth and final letter I’m unclear on. It could be a G, or an L, but I’m not sure at all. It’s something Industroes, and I think the last part is “IN” for India. Any information at all would be really great.