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Misery and Joy. Change and Change.

As miserable and unhappy as I am, which is about as low as I think I’ve ever felt, I also know I’m doing the right thing. This is probably the best set of choices I’ve ever made. This is the most painful experience I have ever been through, but from pain comes great art, as they say. This is the right direction now. Moving back into a more creative, a more open me, more honest with myself and with other people. I’m no longer living a lie, living under a thick cloak of denial. Yes, peeling that cloak back causes grean anguish, like a vampire in the sunrise, but that sunrise will burn away the dead layers, and in the end I will be reborn as I should be. The real me. I think I can see that version of me in the distance.

You can help me get there too, by visiting this page and spreading the word (and the link). Maybe look at the ads, see if they interest you, or buy that book or CD from Amazon through my link. Or maybe you need some great web hosting? 🙂

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I desperately need to get back to art. Technology is fun, and is a fantastic tool, but I’m just not happy with only that anymore. The IT industry isn’t a pioneering one anymore, it’s mature, and is more business and less exploring new frontiers. That’s ok, it had to happen eventually. But my real passion has always been more artistic than anything else. I want to die not looking back at decades of regret, and it has to start here. And there’s another thing I have to do, as terrifying as it is, or I’ll be miserable forever. I just hope I still have a chance…

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Post Secret shows we’re all a lot alike…

Every week PostSecret has a new batch of confessions sent in from all sorts of people from all over the place. I read it every week (I may have even sent one in, but if I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret any more). I find it far more interesting and far more cathartic than group hug because it takes more time, energy, creativity, and effort to submit to PostSecret. You have to get a post card, express yourself on it (anything from simple text to elaborate artwork), address it, and mail it. with group hug you just fill in a form and hit Submit. PostSecret is far more personal because even the simplest entries reveal something about the creator. And with PostSecret, the secrets tend to be actual secrets, as opposed to stories; plain facts about the sender.

I see a trend in the vast majority of them, and that reveals so much mroe about all of us, not just the senders. Most are either past abuse, lies we tell, or a love we wish we had. We’re ashamed by past abuses even though we’re the victims. We’re afraid to tell the truth about ourselves, even when we know it’s the right thing to do. And we wish we either were loved, or still had that one special person in our lives but are too afraid to find them or tell them.

I guess none of us is as brave as we wish we were…

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Booth Babes!

A week ago, this story about hit Slashdot about AgeTec boycotting boothbabes. It’s completely stupid. I commented thusly. But the broadly held suspicions that this was a stunt are true. Anyway, my opinions still hold true for boothbabes, bikini girls, et al.

And so, I now bring you links to a multitude of E3 Booth Babes. Please feel free to add more links in the comments, but they have to be Booth Babes, not like the N-Gage girl.
Notice how a less than desirable “console” gets a less than desirable girl…


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Attention children of the NES, this will warm your heart.

steeler_fan over in #bs tossed out this URL. It’s in-fucking-credible. I got chills and giggled like a schoolgirl. Speaking of girls, the chicks in this video are cute too. So, it’s great music, these kids can sing, and the choreopgraphy is great. It’s a trifecta, like a cold bucket of awesome was thrown in my face.

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Asa Sells Out!

[23:10] <Asa> I can't wait to sell out
[23:10] * Asa waits to see that one quoted somewhere.

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Now with Added Content!

These have been up for a while, but I guess I never linked them up, for some reason. These are a couple old gags I did years ago that I still find funny. The National Toilet Association (You can have my toilet when you pry it off my COLD DEAD ASS), and the ever so subtle Trendy Cafe. The Trendy Cafe I honestly find cute and fun, and am somewhat proud of how far I could take it before I got hungry, er, bored. The National Toilet Association is built around exactly one joke. And what a great dead horse it is! 🙂

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Very cool

Bang bang!

Very cool. Make a South Park style character.

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Incredible Pictures…

Ok, I visit Astronomy Picture of the Day on fairly regular basis (one could quantify it as daily). It’s always got something great to see. Today’s picture is just flipping gorgeous. I had to know more. I emailed the photographer Larry Landolfi. I was fairly sure he would be deluged with mail, and mine would go unnoticed. Not the case! He replied rather quickly with a lot of useful information. Nice guy. And I visited his site. This guy is a really great photographer, and not just of astronomical phenomena. You need to check this out, He also mentioned in a few days his official site will be, so when that goes live I’ll linkify that one.

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Improvements Abound

Well, now that I’m on better hosting, I enabled “fancy urls”, or queryless URLs. When you click a blog link, it takes you to urls that look like this: rather than This makes it more Google friendly, possibly easier to remember URLs too, and looks cleaner. Also, down on the right by the “Valid X” buttons is a button and link to I use Nucleus here, as does Tristor (in the linklist), and other folks I know. I really like it. It’s small, fast, flexible, and in PHP. It’s surprisingly easy to extend with plugins, or even just to edit the rather well designed PHP code, even for folks with minimal coding experience.

I’ll get the Annoyed Contributor’s Network back up soon too. It died in the move, but I wanted to work on it more anyway.

If you see anything broken on the site, let me know with a comment here.

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