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Walmart Optical Sucks

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I had an eye exam a week and a half ago at Walmart’s Optical center. Why there? Well, five years ago I had a good experience with them. This time the eye doctor was excellent. That’s when the good times stopped. They still have good prices on frames, relative to the insane prices most places charge. However, unlike 5 years ago, they don’t have the “bundle” prices anymore. It used to be the frame price included the base lenses, and you could upgrade for moderate charges depending on your choice. No longer. Now even the cheap plastic lenses are another $40, which I was told they didn’t even sell (I found out later was a lie, not that I was going to buy them, they’re terrible quality).

The set I was looking at ran $110 per pair, and that was the lowest of the three upgrades lenses. The sales lady of course tried to talk me into the $220 lenses, which I immediately told her I was not going to buy, twice. She proceeded to give me the sales pitch anyway, which consisted of her tellign me that basically their lens grinding process ruined the cheaper lenses, and only these super expensive lenses would actually work. I said a third time I wasn’t interested because if the lenses didn’t work, I would demand replacement sunder their warranty policy, and that it’s illegal to sell products you know are defective but still advertise as functional. She finished by saying she really recommended them to everyone with my type of vision (I’m nearsighted). I didn’t bother to mention that’s a lot of people to push pricey lenses on. So I settled on a mild upgrade to $140 because that set of lenses was significantly thinner, and had anti-glare coatings, etc.

Then I learned they no longer do the lens grinding in-house. It takes a week because it’s sent to their labs in Indiana. This really displeased me, but no one nearby does it any faster anyway, which is why I went to Walmart. So fine, it takes a week.

I went in Thursday to pick up my glasses. I put them on, and vision in my right eye was still quite blurry. I pulled of the glasses, they were clean, put them back on, still very blurry, but different from my normal vision. Immediately I knew what happened. They screwed up the prescription, or the lab used the wrong lens. The girl this time tried to tell me it was my eye that just needed to get used to the new glasses. “Excuse me? If any old lens worked, and my eye just needed to ‘get used to it’ then I wouldn’t be here spending $200 on these. This is wrong.” Another moment of arguing about it, and finally she conceeded and wrote on my chart “patient refuses to take glasses home and try them out for a while”. She went to go get the doctor, and I added to the chart, “because the lens is wrong, and he knows taking them home won’t fix the lens.”

Well, after a few minutes with the doctor, lo and behold I was correct and the lens is wrong. Whoever entered the doctor’s report into the computer ordering system introduced whatever the optical equivalent of an “off by one” error is. The lens was one power “notch” lower than it should have been, according to the doctor. So this time they double checked all the entries, and reordered the glasses. There’s no such thing as a rush according to them, and so I must wait another week. I was too busy, and too angry at the situation to deal with it, so I let them continue, although tomorrow I plan on having a word with a number of people about this. Especially the part about how my eyes would just “get used to it.”

On the brigh tside, I still have 20/10 vision with corrective lenses, and the doctor compared my prescription now to what it was 5 years ago, and my eyes have slightly improved from then. Apparently this is not unheard of to eye doctors, although it’s incredible news to me. I thought that my current glasses weren’t strong enough, but it’s that now they’re actually too strong, however so slightly.

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The Toy…

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In an amazing turn of events, the Brits have leapfrogged the rest of the world in the areas of cell phone convergence and teledildonics. Forget USB vibrators or the iBrator (awesome fake-ad), we’re 100% mobile with your cellphone and Bluetooth wirelss technology with The Toy.

Controlling The Toy

  • Familiar sms text command system
  • Secret 6 digit Tag in text message controls The Toy
  • The Toy reacts only to your tagged sms messages
  • Write whatever you like, The Toy will respond
  • 26 letters have 3 different movement profiles
  • Each of these has 5 speeds, 3 time settings
  • 45 possible effects from any one letter
  • 7200 variations from a single text message

There is so much I could say, I just can’t decide…

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The best news yet.

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Lindsay Lohan is a redhead again. Actually it’s a dark brown with auburn shading, but it’s better than blonde. This girl had the most beautiful hair ever, and a figure to kill for. Then she hung out with the cocaine diet crowd, and became a 19 year old Courtney Love body double. She’s gained the weight back, and the hair’s dark again. Life once again makes sense. Unf.

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To: Grey Hodge
From: [editor]@[publisher].com
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 14:03:16 -0500

Oh, and the title passed with flying colors so we are definitely moving

[Editor] | Acquisitions Editor | [Foobar] Publishing

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Updates All Over The Place!

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The first thing you might notice reading this today is the new look. The new logo and title graphic have been here for a bit, and now you see where I was going with it. I have a couple extra title images, I’m not 100% sold on that one, but we’ll see.

Second is some donations! Woo! Two weeks ago I received not, but two $30 donation to my campaign from a great pair of gents. And last week I received a $100 donation from a wonderful lady in New York who is also getting married shortly (congrats!). Three cheers all around! I’m dancing here, people!

And last, but most certainly not least, some potentially big news. Tuesday in the early afternoon I will find out if I land a contract on a tech book. Yes, another. An authorship this time, something for which I am well qualified. People in the know seem to feel it’s 80/20 in my favor, so heres hoping and praying. I’ve been busy these past few weeks, thankfully, so that’s why there’s been a dearth of updates lately. I’ll be doing better with that now. Be sure to give The Hot Fix box on the right a click too for great info on Microsoft’s upcoming Service Pack 3 for WinXP. They were smart enough to buy some small ad space here, and I want to make sure they get their money’s worth. 😉

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Reality Bites

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I’ve mentioned PostSecret before. I love the site. It’s cathartic and voyeuristic at once. Every once in a while there’s one with a real impact for me. This week, it was a giant monkey wrench thrown into the gears of my brain box. A total dead stop for several seconds. Shock, then fear, then sadness.

.. But I would do it again.

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