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Oh lord am I sick. I haven’t been this ill is years. I haven’t been on IRC or even reading mail for three days. I’m posting here so no one thinks I’m dead, although I wish I was…

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Is that some kind of recepticle?

Oh man. I laughed so hard the next morning my abdomen hurt. This crank call is the funnist I ever heard, and the cranker only use two words. Priceless.

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Old stuff that’s new again…

I’ve uploaded some of my older writings (just a small portion mind you, most are still written with dark pigment on bleached cellulose sheets), in nicely CSS formated, valid HTML formats. It’s all in The Museum. There’ll be permanent links to it in the navigation areas soon.

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SafeAuto Sucks

Let me start with this. If you need car insurance, do not use SafeAuto. They’re not cheap, they’re not fast, they’re not customer friendly, they’re not helpful, and frankly, I’m not even sure they would ever pay a claim if you had one. I needed to get car insurance, and the dealer said to try them, that they can do it all over the fax instantly. So I call, get a quote of $86 for the initial payment, and they can fax over the papers immediately. So I said sure, and gave my credit card number. Bad idea. After 4 hours of waiting, a dozen phone calls, a dozen twits telling me it’s all been faxed, and nothing to show for it, I drove over to a local Nationwide insurance agent. In 15 minutes, I had a policy, the papers all signed, and a bill for $53. When I call SafeAuto to get a refund, I’m told that I’ll get $21 back. What? Yeah, turns out I was suckered into two non refundable charges that I was never informed about nor consented to. After arguing with them and my credit card company, I still got nowhere. Hence, SafeAuto sucks. They lie, and cheat, and given the chance, steal too.

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jwz was right

References here and here. This is most definetly brand necrophilia. Not even just brand necrophilia, this is just horrible bastardization of a brand that tried to die an honorable death (and failed, also thanks to AOL). So we have a Yahoo toolbar, Google toolbar, NEtscape toolbar, and a dozen others, along with self installing malware in IE. Can IE users even see webpages anymore with all these toolbars?

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