Some Days You Get the Bear…

And some days the bear gets you. Boy did he get me today. Twice. I had to leave my car at a local store parking lot last month when the front brakes were too bad to drive, the pads wore put and tore into the rotors. I told the manager I’d have it removed in a day or two, and they said that was ok. But apparently she failed to tell the next manager, as the car was towed the next morning. I didn’t even know until the following day. That was about $200 unexpectedly. Then the front brakes still needed fixed, so that was another $250. And a couple months before the rear drum brakes needed replaced. Another $200. And today I found out my registration had already lapsed. I mistakenly thought it was good through May. Nope. Now I can’t drive the car I’ve sunk almost $700 into in a short time, and have to get new registration.

And I lost a customer somehow. I created a site for him last year, and just got the domain renewal notices for it. Somehow he went from happy to not happy without any warning or interaction. I was flabbergasted at this. I’m always upset to lose a client for any reason, but usually something happens that isn’t resolved, or a competitor has a more attractive offer. I’m not really sure what happened here, and hate the idea of him going away uphappy.

So, it’s been a crappy, costly day.


Next time get the manager to sign something saying that. This way they would have had to pay for the next managers mistake.

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