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Is that a gallstone in your cystic duct, or are you happy to see me?

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Ok, so, Monday I had my little surgical consultation about my gallbladder surgery. It’s scheduled for December 8. The day after the day that will live in infamy. It’ll be a laparoscopic procedure, with four small incisions; one for the camera, and three for instruments. that is, it’ll be they “keyhole” operation if things go ok, which they should. The issue is it seems my liver, pancreas, and gall bladder are a little higher up in the abdomen than normal, and thus further up under the ribcage a little more. This means there’s a slightly higher chance of “complication” that would mean it would have to be an open procedure. This would be an 8-10 inch incision through the abdomen, which the surgeon described as “a bitch”. I would tend to agree, despite my limited medical experience. So I’m hoping he can get high enough with the instruments to avoid the “bitch” procedure. We’ll see. Sometimes you just gotta roll the hard six.

I love how with every single medical procedure I have the doctors come back with a, “Well, there’s this little issue…” It’s like nothing in my body is quite average. It’s always, “well, isn’t that interesting!” Although I must admit, when I had the ultrasound exam, it was performed by not one, not two, but three beautiful young ladies, one student, one graduate, and one “skilled technician”, not one of them over 28. Forty-five minutes being palpitated by cute girls? Almost worth it.

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