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It seems no matter where I go, I see people whining in blog comments all around the web about the blog owner’s content. So, I decided it’s time to post a nice disclaimer.

This blog is mine, not yours. I pay monthly costs for hosting, yearly costs for domain names, spend time making various forms of content, then put it up here for anyone or no one to look at, free. You are welcome and invited to view the entire contents of the site. However, if you do decide to view the content, and find you do not like the content of this (or any other) blog, you have no recourse, and may feel free to take a leap off a frelling cliff.

Thank you, The Mgmt.

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Another Firefox logo/icon

The standard FF logo is TMed and all that, and I always loved the OSX-style aquaish icon someone did (I don’t remember who), so I did a little work and came up with this for firefox.

Firefox icon

I’m going to work up an icon set and such soon too. And a new throbber. I hate that lame little spinner Firefox has.

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Firefox 1.0 Released, World Stops

Well, the concensus was that “Firefox 1.0 Released, World Stops” was lame as a title for our Firefox 1.0 article so I changed it. But I liked it, so it is now the headline for this post. And if you don’t like it, you’re just as much of a douchebag as the guys in #bs who didn’t like it. 🙂

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Informal Review: Zinio Reader

I was lucky enough to get in on a free 1 year subscription to PC Magazine a couple months ago. I stopped buying it years ago because it was becoming so Internet-centric and home-user oriented that it lost the power-user edge it had when PCs weren’t as popular in the pre-$20-ISP age. I still read it now and then, and the columns from Bill Machrone and especially John C. Dvorak still are almost worth the cover price alone. Sadly, when I got to the free subscription offer, all the print-edition giveaways were gone, so I had to accept the subscription in digital format only. I figured, “well, it’s still PCMag, and still free, so why not.” I already have a print edition subscription to eWeek, and grab the PDF versions when I need an article and I’ve already tossed the aging paper version. I was not-too-pleasantly surprised to see PC Magazine’s digital edition isn’t in PDF, but in a format from a company called Zinio for their proprietary Zinio Reader. Frankly, Adobe’s PDF would have been a far better choice for many reasons. Acrobat even does DRM, which seems to be the main point of using Zinio’s software.
Click the link for my informal review on the app.
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