Bandwidth costs money…

Yikes. Seems some of the stuff I had in Shared Media got linked from some pix site. In two days it burnt through 4.06GB in an hour. And another 3.31GB over the next day. It was my cache of Lindsey Lohan pictures. I’ve had to slap a password on them for now, because I’m less than 2 gigs from my bandwidth cap for the month. So, I’d love to open them back up, but right now, won’t be able to until April 1. But, for just five dollars I could reopen it, because I can buy some extra bandwidth. And, my host (Total Choice Hosting, who while they’re a great host, don’t offer any kind of referral bonus sadly) accept PayPal as well as credit cards for payment. So, I’ve decided to see if anyone cares enough to chip in a buck or two. So, if you liked the Firefox logos, or the Lohan pix, or other goodies, chip in a buck or three! If you do, and want to check out the Lohan pix, mail me a copy of the receipt and I’ll mail back the login and password. It’s off for now so I don’t do belly up. 🙂

Update: Well, we’re up to $3 so far. 🙂


Hey, if you need I can mirror them for you. I have 120GB/month split with a friend, and combined the most we’ve used in a month is 40<em><strong>MB</strong></em>, so it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

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