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Randi Kaye’s shocking exposé

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I really shouldn’t enjoy this as much as I do. But it’s bloody funny as hell.

PS: A little background if you have no idea WTF that clip is about, but actually care. 🙂

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Dear Lou Dobbs

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Lou, I have to stand and applaud your appearance on Live From (with my favorite anchor Kyra Phillips). You refused to allow her Maria Elana Salinas to get away with the most common tactics used by people who know they’re on the wrong side if an issue, obfuscation and a shell game with the issue. They speak to the side of an issue. She tried to change the issue about ALL immigration. You, me, and the millions of people like us, are against illegal immigration, that is people crossing the borders contrary to the legal method already in place.

Half of my closest friends were born outside this country, and I can’t imagine how much poorer my life would be without them. But they’re all here legally, and all of us are better for it. But illegal immigrants make a mockery of every single legal immigrant who took the effort to go through the most liberal immigration process in the world. Supporters of illegal immigration want nothing more than to get away with their flouting of our laws because it benefits them. They want the easy way out.

She also tried to make it a racial issue, which is the tactic of the truly desparate. It’s not about race, it’s about the rule of law beign equally applied to EVERYONE. Supporters of illegal immigration want special exemptions from the law, and that goes against the very backbone of our Constitution. That’s the bottom line.

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I hate people.

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If you tune out geekish entries, don’t ignore this one, this is a good old fashioned rant.

I visit BusinessWeek Online to read this story on IE7. I scroll down, but there’s nothing to read. They have succumbed to the idiotic Audioblog/Podcast meme. I hate podcasts, I hated them when they were audioblogs, I liked them when they were called talk radio, but that’s because I was in the car, and you can’t read and drive at the same time (safely). Anyway, so people rarely provide a transcript, so I generally ignore their podcasts. This is why (this is if you already know why).

But this one is newsworthy enough that I was going to break down and listen. But they can’t just provide a link to the media file, no. That would be far too simple. You have to either use iTunes, which I hate, or subscribe to their RSS Feed with your feed reader. So I just peeked at the source to their RSS feed, and grabbed the media file’s link manually.

They typoed the goddamned filename. They make you jump through hoops just to listen, and then they can’t even type the damn filename right.

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Flight 666, please return to the tarmac, there are corpses on the runway.

[ music | Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around The Block ]

<Tom> jx are you stable now or what
<jX> Temporarily stable. Still moving back to Boston though, just to a nicer place.
<jX> I look at this as like a plane going back to the taxiway after discovering a problem on the runway.
<Tom> oh you're back home?
<jX> yeah, for the moment.
<jX> sadly.
<jX> but it's ten thousand times better than that hovel.
<jX> And after driving in Boston for a week, I will NEVER EVER AGAIN bash PA or Pittsburgh roads again.
<jX> Apparently, the concept of a level driving surface is unknown in Mass.
<wheels> o_O
<jX> And they have loops on roads, where multiple roads connect (rather than cloverleaf exits and such), they call them Rotaries. Rotaries are exempt from all driving laws apparently. They're little mini Thunderdomes.
<jX> The only rule I discovered is if you think you have to slow down, just go faster.
<jX> And if your car can't accelerate fast, God have mercy on your soul.
<Chewie[]> Or, er, body.
<jX> No, soul, because if you can't gun it, your body is history.

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