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I never cease to be astounded by the stupidity of my own government.

Read this article. Yes, it’s several pages long, but it’s well worth the read even if you have to crazy glue your ADD butt to the chair.

Why exactly is it not racial profiling when witnesses say that it was a [white/black/other] guy that shot this guy on the street, but it’s racial profiling when we keep an eye out for middle eastern guys flying with one way tickets, when it was 19 middle eastern guys (Hell, 14 of them alone were Saudis) that smashed planes into buildings killing almost 3,000 people? Let’s face facts. They were middle eastern men between 20 and 40 or so that did it, not 85 year old blue haired grannies. That’s not racial profiling, it’s FACT.

I’m not saying we need to strip search ever arab every day, but there is such a thing as common sense. Look at the hostage takers in the videos coming out of Iraq and surrounding areas. They’re not Japanese, they’re not Swedish, they’re not Argentinian. It wasn’t racial profiling in WW2 when you were hip deep in mud in France and shot at anyone speaking German. It wasn’t racial profiling when you were hip deep in swamp and shot at Vietnamese. It wasn’t racial profiling when everyone thought it was a middle aged white guy driving a white panel van in the greater DC area in fall 2002. Why is it racial profiling now?

Also, read this page at the TSA’s website, it’s also linked from the article.

  • If you are wearing an exterior medical device and are uncomfortable with going
    through the metal detector or be handwanded, you may request a pat-down
    inspection and visual inspection of your device instead.”

In other words, wear a shoulder harnessed oxygen pump, and hide a gun in it, and tell the screener
you’re uncomfortable. That’s insane. I’m uncomfortable when they make me boot up my laptop or my camera.

  • “Screeners should not be asking you to remove your orthopedic shoes, appliances,
    or medical device at any time during the screening process.”

Translated: To successfully pull a successful Richard Reid, just wear ortho shoes.

When the next major attack happens, it won’t be because the terrorists out smarted us. It’ll be because our government, those who are sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution and the citizens of the United States, were totally and completely incompetent and spineless.

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Wanted: Google Search History Extension

Ok, at this moment, I’m trying to retrace a browsing-path I made two to four days ago. History isn’t helpful here, as I’m looking for paths that I took through Google. So, I realized something. A Google Search History extension for Mozilla or Firefox would be a huge help. But something far more than IE’s pathetic little dropdown. Maybe that would be a start at least. Give the Googlebox Search box in Firefox a dropdown history of the past X days or past X searches entered there. Then you could build on it that the extension would remember which links you visited from the search result, and show you their URLs, or generate a page with only the links you visited from that search term’s result list. Like how you can browse where images in your cache came from. Or has this invention already been invented?

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I rarely pontificate on theology. I do not frequently discuss or debate theology. I even less frequently espouse my own theological beliefs. I find religion to be a very personal issue, and also a very private issue. So, since I will be undoubtedly offensive to someone (as opposed to being offensive to everyone, which I’m fine with), you can click the little link there to read the whole post.
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