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Microsoft FUD Machine Back In Full Gear

Today on MozNews we ran a story on a couple browser-related interviews. In this one, Gary Schare blows more FUD smoke to confuse the issue, and generally lies.

Such as this: “For architectural reasons, it turns out you can’t just add tabs via an add-on into the IE app itself. You can get tabs by running a different app like those other browsers that build on the IE platform, so it’s a nice option for people.” Bullshit. That’s just bunk. IE is just a shell that calls mshtml.dll and shdocvw.dll for rendering content inside the viewport. They could add tabs exactly like other IE browsers have done, ones that they even mention. You can’t add tabs to mshtml.dll, but then again, why would you? That’s the renderer, not the UI.

I rant more, and address a number of issues in detail below. click Read More for the rest.

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