Compressed Schedules and Ad Space Forever!

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I walked out my front door today, and saw these on the front of my apartment building:

Sheriff's Sale photo 1
Sheriff's Sale photo 2

My building is being sold in a Sheriff’s Sale on September 1st. No, I can’t sue the landlord because I’ve been on a month to month “lease” for ages. No, I can’t buy the building. And that’s my deadline (and dead is the key word here), September 1. So, I’m even further down the stream without any propulsion implements than I previously thought. So I again post my appeal, help me Reboot My Life! Please!

And in that vein, I’m even offering something for sale: Permanent ad placement on my site. For as long as your site or organization is around, you’ll be able to have an advertisement here on my site. Either a skyscraper like you see to the right, a button like to the left, or we can work out some other format and placement. The only caveats are that the ad may not be Java-based, really annoying Flash ads, advertising illegal content, blatantly false, or incredibly offensive. I determine if the ad falls under these terms, but I’m very flexible and we can work something out. What’s the cost for a lifetime of ad space? $5,000.00, which whill go to Rebooting my life. It will actually enable me to end that campaign entirely. The good karma you’ll be buying is priceless. 🙂

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You should consider putting this up on ebay, and hope media finds it and gives it some free press. Just an idea

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