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Imogen Heap

[ music | Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek ]

I just can not keep from sharing this. Imogen Heap is absolutely the most brilliant artist I’ve found in a long time. She’s like the best of Tori Amos fused with the best of Depeche Mode, with a little bit of suger stirred in for good measure. The latest album, Speak for Yourself, is just astoundingly awesome. I can not give it high enough marks. The track “Hide and Seek” is the best use of gang voices and a vocoder in history, bar none. The fact they also use Antares Auto-Tune in this track does not bother me at all, because they use the effect brilliantly, unlike the nerve-grating “Believe” by Cher a few years back. Check out I Megaphone too, it’s almost as good, but still a 9. If you’re a completist, check out the band Frou Frou for more of her. Incredible.

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