Improvements Abound

Well, now that I’m on better hosting, I enabled “fancy urls”, or queryless URLs. When you click a blog link, it takes you to urls that look like this: rather than This makes it more Google friendly, possibly easier to remember URLs too, and looks cleaner. Also, down on the right by the “Valid X” buttons is a button and link to I use Nucleus here, as does Tristor (in the linklist), and other folks I know. I really like it. It’s small, fast, flexible, and in PHP. It’s surprisingly easy to extend with plugins, or even just to edit the rather well designed PHP code, even for folks with minimal coding experience.

I’ll get the Annoyed Contributor’s Network back up soon too. It died in the move, but I wanted to work on it more anyway.

If you see anything broken on the site, let me know with a comment here.