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Something odd is happening here. I don’t normally like blondes at all, especially fake blondes. But the past couple days Catherine Callaway has been doing the night shift during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, and frankly, she’s been looking gorgeous. She’s always been a good anchor, but she looks great the past couple days, and I’m not sure why. She looks better than she did a few years ago. And while I’m on about CNN, Carol Costello, who has the 5am-7am shift is pretty damn hot too. I’ve always loved Kyra Phillips because she’s got that sexy red hair. Teri Hatcher looks a lot better than she did during her Lois and Clark days too. What is up with these 35-40 year old chicks? When did they all get so hot?

And while I’m on the topic of CNN, I’m going to commend Gary Tuchman too. During the hurricane a 200 pound fence-pole smashed into the vehicle he and his crew were reporting from, named “Hurricane One”. The vehicle was totalled, but they managed to remain unharmed. He just kept reporting. Today, he was still out there, interviewing one family. he helped the daughter pick through the rubble of her room to find a few bits if her life, and the producer managed to find a big plastic bin of keepsakes the mother had set aside, and was surprised the mother with it. Just to see that she was so grateful, she was crying, and Gary just gave her a hug, patted her on the back, and let her cry some of it out.

Gary, you’re one hell of a reporter. Thanks for making sure we keep seing the people, and not just the water.