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Google Maps hosts Post-Katrina satellite images

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Google Maps now has put online post-Katrina satellite images of New Orleans. It’s not total coverage because the satellite has limited range per-orbit, but it’s something. Both levee breaches are visible, 17th Street Canal breach, and the Orleans Avenue levee breach. This dovetails nicely with some of the static but huge images that the NASA Earth Observatory has put online here.

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Wanted: Wireless Ethernet Bridge

Anyone have a Wireless Ethernet Bridge (example: Linsys WET11, etc.) that they’d like to sell? I have a charitable group as a client who is in need of one. 802.11b compatibility is a huge plus (yep, the older, slower standard) and around $40-$45 is ideal (but I won’t complain if you want less). Brand really isn’t important, as long as it functions. I’m hoping someone out here in Mozilla-land has one in their closet they aren’t using. Please mail me or comment here. Thanks.

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