Ads for sale! Get ’em while they’re hot!

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As you may be able to see to the right, I’m officially taking on small ads. After some negotiations with a few people, I think I’ve found a decent size/cost starting point.

Large AdSmall Ad

These ads will run in the right column of both the main index and also individual item pages. This means that both direct views of the site, and click-throughs from syndicated feeds to individual items will benefit the advertiser.

* The size, position, and placement of these ads are negotiable if you have other ideas. I’m very flexible. The only rules are the ad must not be Java-based, really annoying Flash ads, advertising illegal content, blatantly false, or incredibly offensive. I determine if the ad falls under these terms, but we hammer this out before payment, and you’ll really have to try hard to offend me. The good karma you’ll buy is priceless. Contact me for details.


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