Google is trying to fuck me over.

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Ahh yes, I should have known it was too good to be true. Every night I check my AdSense reports to see what progress I’ve made. The vast majority of money I’ve earned so far was from Google ads, a little over $100. They don’t send you a check until you hit that $100 mark either. I went to check my AdSense account, and got this message:

Yeah, this thrilled me. I had to read it three times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. “Oh shit, now what’s going on?” It’s been two solid days of bad news and fuckups, with a few hours of fun friday night for contrast. So I go over to my GMail account to see what’s up. I just had to agree to the updated TOS yesterday, so I assumed I’d not jumped through all the hoops for that. I see this:

So, I let them run ads on my site for weeks, finally am about to get a check cut, and they decide to cancel my acocunt without warning or inquiry, and take back the moeny they would have had to pay me. Now. I guarantee I have in no way “cheated” the system, run click-bots, nor hired a room of people in Bangalore to click my page ads. It took me WEEKS just to make that measley $100 as it was. So, all I can think of is that if you, my loyal readership, have been clicking my ads, which is supposedly what they want, that’s apparently a bad thing. I guess I should just be happy to show their ads for them, and not get paid. Needless to say, I’m less than happy, and have requested some accounting for these actions. We’ll see how long that takes.

If I could find some kind of contact information for Yahoo’s Overture division, I’d switch to their ads, but all I can find is ways to advertise with them, not carry any ads. So for now it’s just the Amazon block there. I’m trying to think of something else to slide in there for revenue. The fates are again conspiring to fuck me before I manage to get ahead. Any rich readers out there want to invest $5k in a human-startup?

And goddamnit, I’m sick of being lonely. I’m not a fucking island. I was wrong. I’m sorry already. When do I get to move on? When do I get to stop being punished? That’s what hurts most. For once I want a shoulder to cry on. I just want out of here so badly. So damn badly…


they did the exact same to us

just over $100 and getting alot of hits they took them away from us

I had the same thing with Adsense, and i never clicked on any ad form them.

Are there more people with such story?

I asked evidence, but the dont give it.
so i said to them: I am thinking to contact the press and media (television)

then we will see.

And i will do it.

I am deleted in adsense today and I hate what they do to push the profit. There are so big bad guys and they cheat the system without any problem and laugh about google
I think so but the little normal publisher
will be deleted if a little few clicks too much. This system goes down in the next years if nobody pays for adwords because it is to expensive.

Beware. Google has taken over the internet. And will control all. We are at the mercy of this infestation and it will only get worse. Beware!

I just started using adsense, and I’m starting law school in the fall. If this shit happens to me, I’m thinking of mobilizing a class-action lawsuit, a humongous class-action lawsuit.

i got axed with the same sorry excuse by ad sense …so we all should go on google page and on the right where it says sponsored link, click like crazy on each of those sponsored sites (several hundred times each), this way google is falsely earning money from those sponsors…this should call for alarm by its sponsors…clicks like that are consider """invalid click"""" by google ad sense….so this is your chance to get back at google …by killing off its sponsors one by one…..

Goolge sucks big time!

Google Adwords sucks- they banned me for life because they did not like some of my keywords.

Google Adsense sucks – they pay you 0.01 cents per click.

Google search sucks – whenever I type in my own domains on Google I get only one search result but I get 10 ~ 100 on Yahoo or MSN.

Google is trying to take over your life and the world.

Google is trying to become a dictator, God, your momma.

FUCK google and their over paid teenaged computer geeks.

FUCK google, clear out your cookies (their cookey has a 35year lifetime and it tracks your ip, date, keywords, ect..) and never use them again!

Same here too, i finally started to earn a couple of dollars a day and pow,, a letter telling me im using invalid clicks and the like, and my rank on google fell like a stone. I think for $50, google can kiss my fat arse. I have been using adsense and adwords, and got more than enough fake clicks (300 in one day from vietnam), that i payed for, to fuck anyone off. So there level of advertiser protection they go on about is totally false and misleading.

Anyway, i simply removed all my google adwords ads and am finally in control of my own website again, and google will never get another cent out of me as an advertiser as long as i live,
they deserve nothing but scorn.

Same exact thing happened to me. I can see Google invalidating clicks or reducing the reimbursement by what they perceive as invalid clicks, but to ban you or anyone like that is total bullshit. They also don’t have to respond to you or offer you an appeal. As far as I’m concerned, Google is full of crap as a company and hopefully will slowly screw themselves out of customers, one by one. I used to think Google was a decent company, but not any more and I used for all my searches now.

Same thing for me…just over a hundred and BAM! I basically hosted their sorry asses for two months. They should at least pay you your money.

After reading this, I am never going to use google again in my life… I run the EAST lab at my school, well I can tell you I won’t suggest google to anyone either… their search really does blow…

gay google.

I have 120up members referral in google adsense , but google adsense banned me !!!
oh !! google really FUCK

Same here. After reaching the $100 they banned my account.

My guess that they do not mess with folks on purpose, rather some of their "uber-genius" programmers made a silly ass mistake.

Has anyone looked into using Microsoft’s Live Spaces? Do they pay you if you show ads? Just curious.

Anything Microsoft, don’t use it, anything google, don’t use it. Google’s connection with the CIA is worrisome enough, let alone the AdWsindle they are running to avoid paying anyone, in essence getting paid by advertisers to advertise for them without any cost at all. Google is just another instrument to deceptively take as much information as possible and put it into a CIA database, so they know who searches for anti-gov info and what you are into. This helps them to create a ‘perfect’ profile of everyone using google. It is also purposely ‘simple’ in design, the google search. Ever wondered how a company just comes out of nowhere with a great search engine algo.? All planned, fake front, fake story, fakers = google. Did you know that they CAN and WILL USE your gmail to WATCH and STORE your pers. information, the contents of your email etc.? TRUE.

They owed me over $600, the day before they mail the check I’m disabled? Fuck that! I didn’t scam them in any way and It wasn’t even like I was getting way too many clicks to hits. I had about %1.00 eCPM and I want to put a gun right to the head of the douche who decided stealing my hard earned money was fair

Just got banned today for my legitimate website that has 2000 unique visitors a game. I should have read this blog before starting with AdSense back in July. Screw Adsense avoid it like the plague.

i don’t have problems with google adsense…

Same thing for me…Google was a decent company, but not any more.

guys you all are wrong google never cheat us . there is some one who really click on your ads continuously . i get my check from the adsense of 2000$ .

a stupid people was clicking on my site continuosly . adsense just treated that click as invalid click but never disable my account. then i had decided to close my website . and i close my website and created a new one. its really simple.

if your account give invalid click regularly only then they disable your account.

remember adsense is a reputed company .
i have full trust on them

For those who say FUCK GOOGLE, I say FUCK YOU.

Bob McDougal,

Fuck YOU!!

I have the problem with the hell google too.They ban me because they think I do invalid click.I didn’t do anything.I have google.fuck it

Now guys,iam both using adwords and adsense.I just added adsense to take some attention in my website and earning the money was not my aim.But after i read this stuff, i will definitely remove it.And one funny things guys,if you have ever experienced the same thing.I started adwords on 23/11/07 and i gave keywords about video games.I really found good keywords which costs 0.05-0.10 for each click.But suprisingly after some days,google began to deactivate my keywords by one by saying that i should pay more as the value for these keywords got expensive.Now the weird thing is i had a keyword with impression "0" yes "0" and they wanted 0.30 dollar for that keyword.Now that made suspicious and i wrote a sentence in a foreign language as a keyword to see the value.Now this sentence this something like in English "Let the horses cath your mother you gay!".Now when i search this sentence in the original foreign language at google,it only finds 2 pages.Yes 2 pages.But it wants 0.40 dollar for that.Now iam sure that,after some time their fake algorithm automatically tries to teach you by asking "give me more money,the value of the keyword has increased".Iam sure that they are doing this on purpose to gain more money,and i am sure that this is against law.I will do what i can,but i think all the people in the world should act against google.They are thieves!!!

Fuck Google, im baned for life from that shity sistem. Its a big fucking monster google company, and they know all about us. We shall burn down the offices of google.

I was fortunate enough to have collected (2) $100+ payments, then my account was disabled for a violation of their “vague” terms of service agreement. I went down EACH item of the terms and disputed each one as unfounded but you simply CANNOT CONTACT these assholes to dispute their claim. My email said I WOULD get paid my outstanding balance BUT AGAIN, YOU CAN’T CONTACT THEM AND THEY DON’T RESPOND. This time they owe me over $200 and I’m pretty sure I won’t be collecting it.
The best thing we can do is to STOP USING ALL OF THEIR SERVICES, Adwords, Adsense, Gmail, Google Search, EVERYTHING!! IF we DO that they will not be able to survive because their advertising $$$ will STOP and that will be the end of Google. Yes, it will take time but it will all be worth it in the end.
FUCK GOOGLE and the MONSTER they have become. They HAVE RIPPED OFF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Adsense publishers and what has the government done to PROTECT US??? NOTHING!!! They let these asswipes get away with this shit year after year, WHERE IS OUR PROTECTION???
Everybody needs to contact the attorney general where they live and report them as the thieves they are. The ONLY way to get the government to get involved is for US to get involved individually and when we ALL have filed ENOUGH claims (HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS!), the government will have NO other choice but to sit up and take notice and at that point Google will be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for it’s actions. To WIN THIS, we MUST TAKE ACTION!!! NOTHING EVER GETS DONE WITHOUT ACTION!!! So, this time go to Google and search for “attorney general” and your state, province or whatever and let their OWN search engine be their own downfall! TAKE ACTION AND DO IT NOW OR NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!!!

Google Remind me of paypal. They both welcome you with arms wide open and a big smile with false promises then they get you to sign up. Treat you nice until they get you in bed then they screw you over and tell you to take a hike after stealing your wallet.

what a bunch of ignorant whiners. half of you clowns can not made a proper sentence.

After 2 years of use of Ads-Words the dictators decided that i was a cheater and canceled my account….of course they kept the money that was on it……they just do what they want, no explanations to provide.
So yes Fuck you Google !…and I fuck you deeply bloody thieves !

Google disabled my account for invalid clicks. It was before I made the $100 mark. I feel like I got swindled by Google, too. I spent a lot of time trying to set up Google AdSense and was excited I was getting clicks on my websites with Google AdSense. Then they disabled my account. I appealed but they said they know when they are getting cheated. I asked them that if that’s the case and you have so much money, why don’t your Top Management tell your Software guys to create a software program that ignore invalid clicks instead of disabing my account? They ignored me and dropped my domain name from the top of the first page to the top of the second page on their search. I still love Google, I think, but it’s hard to think that they can do these things just to fudge their earnings… because they will get more people to join AdSense and use people’s time and webspace just for a little bit to place their advertising x 1 million or so. Just my Google 2cents. Any lawyers researching this act by Google yet? Maybe they all work for Google, like the government? China dis-respected Google because they did what Google is doing to AdSense candidates, now they are disabling China. Taste of their own medicine, and they puke!

When they cancelled my AdSense account, they should’ve cancelled my Google AdWords account, too. But why didn’t they? Should I fucking Google the question “why Google doesn’t cancel AdWords accounts”?

To answer to question 31. Those mother fuckers keep suspending Adwords accounts too for no fucking reason. It’s time to do soemthing about it and ban Google Adwords and google Adsense. Google has gone too far. Google has terrible customer service and their payment system is dishonest. Google has been stealing from all of us.

A reply to the jackass nr 28. You will pay for it one day and i liek to see how you would react when your account get banned for no reason and your adsense money get stolen by Google.

well looks like google does fucking suck maybe
they go down someday they have removed my fav website
for copyrighting and plus its not a copyright its basicley
just link how sad are they i type in the google search watch online full movies
and the website is not there no more i got down the page and it says
In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at
was no thing in there had that effect its just movies Dam google…

FUCK GOOGLE they are retarded they did the same thing to me so i sent them a message and im still waiting for a reply and if i dont get my check im sueing

fuck google

They did the exact same thing to me. As soon as the money went over $100 mark – boom, account disabled. This is how they increase their profit margin, by screwing all the little “hundred dollar guys”. You can bet your ass they never refund one cent to the adwords people. They just pocket it and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Who’s gonna sue for $100? One, giant scam.

I had the best month ever on Adsense last month, over $3300, and got this message yesterday: “During a recent review of your account, our specialists found that it was not in compliance with our policies.

It is important for a site displaying AdSense to offer significant value to the user by providing unique and relevant content, and not to place ads on pages with little to no original content. Additionally, Google ads may not be placed on non-content-based pages.”

I have had the same sites on Adsense for at least 2 years now… wth is this?? My pages have relevant content. They have unique content. They are not non-content-based. It’s total BS… they just saw that I had my best month ever, and now I don’t get any of it, they are returning it to the advertisers…

Same shit for me, Google adsense are a bunch of fucking thieves who take our hard work on our sites and sell ads that generate their revenue and then screw us over. I wish for the day Goggle burns down in Hell where they belong thieving fuckers. Tell anyone stupid enough to believe that Google will part with one red cent for the ‘little guy’ and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone you know. It’s time for a worldwide boycott of google and their associates.

fuckers did the same to me. I was appraoching the $100 mark then I get the “invalid clicks” bs and I never ever clicked on my ads nor enticed anyone to do so. I appealed and was denied (of course). No proof of invalid clicks just their say so. And I’ll bet they never returned the money to the advertisers either. Hey google I thought your motto was don’t be evil.

I feel sorry for people that had to go through this.. Haven’t used adsense but Dick Face Google employees Fucked up my Rankings… which fell deeply in the serps after I sent them a site reconsideration request, Fuck Yourself Corrupt GOOgLE !!!


FUCK GOOGLE ADSENSE AND ADWORDS! They are advertising on my website without my permission! My host does not advertise! They are illegally advertising on my site and making it look ugly. I took the site down and had to send over 1000 email letters to my members to let them know what happen. The ads disabled click functions on my site. How can i sue these fucking bastards or JUST GET THEM TO LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! Saying im mad or angry is not justifying the situation. I used 4 different host and reinstalled and the fucking ads still are blocking my content. So I know it isnt my site. You can not contact them bastards, i was on the phone 45 minutes some bitch picked up and then hung up on me with 3 seconds. I am really sorry for my language and my expression, but I dont know what to do. Is there anyway we can get together and make a file that runs on your server that automatically blocks google adsense and adwords? I am nto talking about an ad blocker for browser, but something that installs on server.

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