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Now with Added Content!

These have been up for a while, but I guess I never linked them up, for some reason. These are a couple old gags I did years ago that I still find funny. The National Toilet Association (You can have my toilet when you pry it off my COLD DEAD ASS), and the ever so subtle Trendy Cafe. The Trendy Cafe I honestly find cute and fun, and am somewhat proud of how far I could take it before I got hungry, er, bored. The National Toilet Association is built around exactly one joke. And what a great dead horse it is! 🙂

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Look at that little guy go…

Don’t look at the big Spinfox too long, you might get sick. As it is, I whipped up replacement throbbers for the toolbars, and accompanying userChrome.css mojo so it works with large, small, and text only sizes of buttons. Next up is userChrome.css for the tab throbbers, and then packaging it all in an XPI/Extension, but this is a good start… The individual frames are here. Note, this isn’t just the logo rotated, only the fox spins around of the stationary globe. Whee!

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