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Rick Santorum is a Tool.

I live in Pennsylvania. While we do have a good Democratic governor, Ed Rendell, we sadly got stuck with Rick Santorum. The guy is a tool. I don’t know if he even realizes how much of a puppet he is. First off he hates gays and old people. Elderly Americans don’t deserve Social Security according to the ultra-right wing agenda he’s part of (“hey hey ho ho, Social Security has got to go!” chant Young Republicans); in 2000, he was videoed at a rally saying “Living a quarter of your life on Social Security? I don’t think so!” about raising the minimum age to 70. He equates homosexuality with beastiality and pedophilia. He’s against giving homosexuals the basic civil rights and equality that black Americans fought for 50 years ago (they had to fight the Republicans for their rights too, seems the right doesn’t want anyone different to be seen as people, eh?). And now he’s been bought off by commercial weather bureaus to ban free access to publicly paid-for weather data, such as the NOAA website. And the bill he introduced is so vaguely worded that it’s unclear what exactly would be left.

So, if you’re gay, old, or want to know if it’s raining, Rick Santorum wants to outlaw you. I can’t wait till he turns 60 and comes out of the closet.

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