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Opera’s QA Fails Truth-Test

Ok, I hate to get into blogwars on minutiae, but this ridiculous. This guy, who I believe is a QA guy for Opera, replied to this post by Asa. Of course Asa is biased, so am I, and so are most Firefox users. We use it because we prefer it. But Asa doesn’t have blinders on. He’s one of those people who can generally acknowledge flaws in Firefox despite being so close to it. And despite Haavard recognizing that “bloggers love to spin things in certain ways,” he still does it himself to a horrible degree. I’m going to address, point by point, his post. When he’s right, I’ll say so, when he’s wrong, I’ll say so. Since it’s a long one, you’ll need to click the “Read More” link for the whole post.
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