Save Enterprise!

Save Enterprise!

This year, Rick Berman and Brannon Braga stepped back from running the daily operations and writing duties of Enterprise. They brought in the fantastically talented Manny Coto to run the show. Since then, the quality of Enterprise has skyrocketed. Season one had promise. Season two broke that promise. Season three finally had purpose, and was watchable. This season, Season Four, has been the best Trek in years, it’s some of the best Trek ever. We finally, after the squandered riches Voyager could have been (although it had it’s moments), the magnificent but unloved stepchild of DS9, we got some of the most wonderfully original and yet TOS-respectful Star Trek ever. It was like water to a man in the desert.

Viacom co-CEO Les Moonves cancelled Enterprise on February 3rd, 2005. Millions of Trek fans, myself included, were crushed. I can understand Les Moonves’ position from a strictly numbers perspective. But, the numbers don’t take into account the change in leadership. Rick Berman has had good ideas for Star Trek over twenty years, but he doesn’t belong in a Producer or Executive Producer role. Brannon Braga has had some good ideas for Trek as well, but more often than not, he’s just better just writing other people’s ideas. He has no business producing a high school play much less a TV and movie franchise. If Les Moonves wants to do some firing, tell Paramount to fire B&B, and put Manny Coto in full control of the show. Then Les will get something else he wants, quality TV that produces good ratings. Even with the move to Friday nights, Enterprise has delivered steady ratings, when most moves to that night watch their ratings dry up.

The core audience is there, Mr. Moonves, the talent is there, and a fantastically rich mine of stories is there. Fire the inept managers, and let the miners deliver you the gold. Save Enterprise!


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Trek United and Save Enterprise have put their resources together in an attempt to save the show.

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