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For Sale, Priced To Move!

At these prices, we have to be crazy!

Anyway. For Sale:

  • (2) New, Unopened copy of The Grudge with cardboard foil-printed DVD case cover sleeve. $7 via PayPal, includes postage. Amazon’s marketplace has them starting just under $12, not including shipping. These are new, unopened, 100% legit.(they’re both gone. Sorry folks. It is a good film, though, I finally watched my copy)
  • (1) AMD Athlon processor Socket A, 1GHz (overclockable with proper cooling). Guaranteed to work. Includes heatsink, but no fan. $30, includes shipping. Pricewatch shows them starting at $53.
  • (1) 200MHz and (1) 233MHz Pentium MMX CPUs. Guaranteed to work. $6, includes shipping.

If interested, comment here. I’d like to unload at least the Athlon and DVDs quickly, while they’re still fashionable. 🙂 Thanks.

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