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Adventures in Hard Disk Geometry Translation

Wow. Ok, while my DSL was out, I decided to play with Knoppix. Well, the short of it all is I completely hosed my partition table, and nearly lost all my data. That sucked. I asked for help as I was getting errors from Partition Magic and PARTINFO that I couldn’t decipher. I found a whole new range of computer problems I’d never experienced, and was dying to figure it out. I was 10 again for a while, learning something so basic, yet new to me. Looking back, it’s been a blast fixing it, and I’m glad it happened and I didn’t lose too much data (nothing important). For those technically inclined, below is a more detailed account of what happened and how I fixed it. I posted this to the newsgroup too, to let the few folks who chimed in how things went. I post it here for a different and wider audience. Please feel free to comment. 🙂
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