Archive for June 29, 2004

More Moz Posters

I’ve done two more Mozilla posters, which are all now located here. Also, I noticed a few small flaws in the original SVG, either there originally or maybe created during the importation into Illustrator 11 (it was originally made and exported to SVG by Illustrator 9). I fixed those up, and saved it as an SVG, and as a PDF for folks without SVG capabilities. Everything is there in the directory, all in PDFs, with previews in PNG. These are not original works, I have just remake them in a scalable vector format. They’re all based on works on the website, in raster format, usually small, and all unsuitable for large scale printing. I’ve already gotten word of folks in Japan enjoying them printed and hung on the walls, so let me know what you do with them, too. 🙂

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