SafeAuto Sucks

Let me start with this. If you need car insurance, do not use SafeAuto. They’re not cheap, they’re not fast, they’re not customer friendly, they’re not helpful, and frankly, I’m not even sure they would ever pay a claim if you had one. I needed to get car insurance, and the dealer said to try them, that they can do it all over the fax instantly. So I call, get a quote of $86 for the initial payment, and they can fax over the papers immediately. So I said sure, and gave my credit card number. Bad idea. After 4 hours of waiting, a dozen phone calls, a dozen twits telling me it’s all been faxed, and nothing to show for it, I drove over to a local Nationwide insurance agent. In 15 minutes, I had a policy, the papers all signed, and a bill for $53. When I call SafeAuto to get a refund, I’m told that I’ll get $21 back. What? Yeah, turns out I was suckered into two non refundable charges that I was never informed about nor consented to. After arguing with them and my credit card company, I still got nowhere. Hence, SafeAuto sucks. They lie, and cheat, and given the chance, steal too.


if you think safe auto treats their customers poorly try being an employee there. if you are not into the cliques or a yes person they will do whatever necessary to get rid of you.

if you all think safe auto sucks as an insurance company you should work for the office i work in. If your not a friend of the family or family you might as well hang it up. and for all of you that have bitched about safe auto i will say you all have good bitches about it i’ve heard and seen alot of it first hand but don’t blame the CSR’s cause the team leaders supervisors and upper management can’t agree on an answer to anything.

I can only say SAFE AUTO SUCKS

Dear Mrs R.
Just remember any company that has the slogan we keep you legal for less can’t be all that good. if you have safe auto and hit a car worth 30,000 dollars your limit is like 7500 which means you pay the difference so what did you save? If people had brains out there insurance companies like this wouldn’t even be around.

I have been with SA for about 4 years but never had to file a claim. Thanks for the info. I will be quickly dropping SA ass soooon asss possible! I am a safe driver and have been for over 30 years. I would be very disapointed if SA talked *hit if I were to file a claim.

FYI>>>>>>>>>>>FYI>>>>>>>ALLSTATE INSURANCE>>>>>>>HOMEOWNER’S. I had a fire with extreme damage to the interior. Allstate went below the belt and tried to "low-ball" me. I ended up getting a public adjuster and filing a complaint with the insurance commissioner in my state/Georgia. This seems to be the "way to go". Insurance companies DO NOT LIKE COMPLAINTS nor DO THEY LIKE TO EYEBALL YOU IN COURT. All I can tell anyone is to "research, research and know the LAW." Always NOTIFY THE DEPT. OF INSURANCE BEFORE GETTING AN ATTORNEY OR PUBLIC ADJUSTER.

peace out, my friends

Jack is a thief and a major perv was fired from on job for possible sexual harrassment and continues on preying on single moms who need their jobs so they dont say anything in fear of retalliation. Kristen significant other was fired for theft and pleaded no knowledge of this even though theyu were living under the same roof and he was doing business out of the garage. coolidge surrounds himself with alll female counterparts to report to him and expolits their weaknesses nad insecurities yet when one of them embezzles over $100,000 he cant find it some one else did was he too busy looking at her ass instead of the books. i guess its all acceptable since the owners have "mistress mary" in their employment and people who live in glass house should not through bricks, or cross dress because the neighbors may see. what goes around come around and i cant wait for the second coming of coolidge

Well I dont know about u guys but ive been with safe auto for 2 years now with no problems at all. i had a bad driving record and needed sr22. safe auto took care of it faxed the paper work straight to the dmv while i was standing there. My Insurance rates continue to drop. I pay every 6 months and know when my bill is due and know when they r going to send it. So u guys obviously need to investigate your policys and kepp up with what they tell you.

I have had an ongoing battle with Safe Auto for almost two years now – one of their customers rear-ended me. I would appreciate any comments others have- you can contact me directly. I don’t need their money, I’ve considered hiring an attorney and offering to give them EVERYTHING in court if they would simply take my case. I hate to think how others with less money and less education than myself have been abused by this deceitful, arrogant and cruel organization. Even the state insurance commissioner for Kentucky told me they (SA) suck and he wished they’d disappear. Again, I’ve attached my e-mail address and I do intend to take Safe Auto ‘to the mat.’ Any help from others would be greatly appreciated.


Some of the comments I’m reading pertain to persons who were hit by someone with SA insurance. Some of you are WAY OFF in your comments. SA doesn’t pay when their insured is at fault in an accident. It’s simply a case of they refuse to pay and keep the money they owe in their pocket so they can have a false inflated gain in their quarterly earnings. This makes the company look good but is based on taking what it owes to those unfortunate souls and keeping it for themselves. I do hope that enough of you who can afford to SUE the **** out of these wicked people will be successful enough to put them permantly out of business because they are the most rude irresponsible people I’ve ever had to deal with. And that putting it lightly!!!

I have had safeauto for about 7yrs filed 2 claims and they were taken care of right away never had a problem I just pay my bill on time.

I would like to write your acceptance speech for pervert of the year. I just worship the ground you slither on so much that I havent forwarded all those complaints of "unprofessional behavior" similar to those that got you fired from your last job.

I respect you highly or lowly whichever direction works for you and just glad the powers that be dont know what kind of true slime bucket I have been protecting all these years. Keep up the poor work it will guarantee us all jobs and possible honorable mentions in the "Pervert Hall Of Fame"

WOW, this is entertaining! I am also an ex-employee of safe auto…we are treated as badly if not worse then customers. Unfortunately, safe auto puts there offices in very depressed areas, hires very hard working people who make them alot of money and then forces these good people to be dishonest with customers or lose their job. My husband still works there( not by choice, but bills must be paid) and I know what goes on there on a daily basis. Its pure evil! Keep complaining, all of you! One day they will get what is comming to them! Hopefully all lawsuits are won against them! Just remember that most (not all), employees hate it there and don’t want to deceive you. The employees have children to feed as well. FYI-my husband is a top sales agent and his pay has been cut so much that we qualify for assistance….many agents there don’t even make commission anymore.

I have been with them for years and most recently I was hit by an uninsured motorist. "Safe Auto" their true intention is not to cover! They are terrible don’t give them a cent

I agree, Safe auto sucks sucks sucks!!!! The people who say that they do not never had to process a claim with them. Oh yes, try if at all possibel to never get Mark Andrews as a claims representataive

Safe Auto not only screws their customers out of everything, they also bone their employees. I know quite a few people who used to work for them and they were either wrongfully terminated or completely lied to when it came to compensation. I totally concur SAFE AUTO SUCKS!!!!!!

Here we go again. Safe Auto is screwing the employees again. Why do they waste all that money on handbooks when all they do is take care of friends, snitches, or kissasses. I can’t wait for that company to go under. My friends that work there are now looking for other jobs cause they would love to all leave at the same time….if they do that to their own just think what they do to the poor damn fools that buy insurance from them. Oh by the way I myself have had a bad experience with safe auto of late. Someone damaged my property and they didn’t want to pay up. When I told them i wasn’t going to put up with their crap and i was contacting my lawyer their story changed and they covered it. Lesson is don’t put up with their shit. Screw them like they screw everyone else.

First thing, I have read ALL the blogs. I am an employee for SA, BUT don’t hate me! I have been with the company for over 4 yrs. In those yrs, I have to put up with some VERY RUDE customers (that refer to me as a Mother F*CKER)and ALOT of NICE customers. I do my job to the best of my ability but it is hard to do sometimes when you have that one customer screaming at you as soon as you pick up the phone. Would you like to be treat in that manner? I have saved customers thousands of dollars for the errors in their policies. And yes, it cost the company money. I have almost lost my job for helping customers, PLEASE don’t put ALL CSR’s down @ SA.
I understand a customer’s point a view as well as an employee, who doesn’t hate their job at least once in awhile.
One thing I will say, if you make your FULL pmts on time and read the documents sent,(yes I know you don’t always receive them) SA is a good STATE MINIMUM company BUT this coverage is just enough to say you have insurance. A lot of people don’t understand this and needs to ask questions!!!! I asked my INS provider.
The answer to the question to if employees carry SA, "NO" we are not allowed.
If you are a customer and has any questions BLOG back and i’ll try help but I can’t with claims that is a WHOLE different ball game!!

As for the INSURANCE MONKEY you are an idiot!!!
Why are you being so rude? Are you one the Sales Rep’s that doesn’t explain if a customer postdates a check 6 days in the future, that their next pmt will still be due nx month the day before the policy starts? Why is it CSD always has clean the policies, the Sales Dept enters wrong information.
If you know some much, let me know your first name and last initial of your last name, so I can contact you @ work. OR are you scared!?

I know that I am in the process of filing a claim, and if "safe auto" doesn’t come through, they are gonna wish they did when I wrap a towel around my head and strap a bomb to my ass and come for my claim with an AK.

I’m sure their cheap ass insurance will cover the damage of the crappy rental car I have to drive through the window of thier main office in the process.

The citizens of the united states need to stop taking this highway robbery and conspiracy between the legal system and capitalist pig insurance companies to enslave the american people. I don’t like violence, but god forbid the day I am backed into a corner with nothing to lose! Amen and good night.

I have to agree with don’t hate the CSR’s. They can only do so much. Alot of them do try to do their job but when they have to go to a supervisor or higher all they hear is send it to my voice mail. What a hell of a way to run a business. These people would never have made it back when you didn’t have voice mail and had to deal with things right then and now. And by the way from what i’m told they don’t usually deal with it in the future either. The company sucks and thats all i can say but don’t take it out on the poor employees that try to do the right thing.

oh and to the insurance monkey…who stated about the growth of Safe Auto….look at the latest facts. They have closed two TWO offices of late and the one you work in i hope is the next one. 🙂 any one that can stick up for a company that rips off the people is no better than the company.

Yes, they certainly do. They suck big time. They were screwing me over. I found cheap insurance through AF. I saved over $60 a month there. I have been fighting with Safe Auto, I sent them this message: I was told by Safe Auto Rep that I could put a stop payment on Check number #1000, in which I used, because they could not stop the payment from going through. I know they can. I am very upset about that. He just wanted to keep me as a customer. I told him that it would not go through. This was a week before it was going to go through. They guy I talked to said just put that stop payment on it. So I did and it did not come through as promised as #1000, it came through differently and now I have that damn $20 fee plus $30 fee. I was a good customer for years and I had to suddenly stop because I got a good rate somewhere else. I was thinking that if the other ins co. did not work out i would come back to SafeAuto. I have recommended you to several people! I will not do either in the future. My bank account is so low now, it is not even funny. What am I supposed to do about the $50!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I am not happy about this. I am not sure whether to go through the Dept of Insurance, Ohio Attny Generals Office, or The Better Business Bureau!!!!!!!! I am a sick person right now so, I am so mad, I may do just all three! What a rip off! Now, Safe Auto has screwed me over 2 times now.
They lied to me stating it would be a check that went through #1000, then they made it an arch trace, so I’d get the screws put to me. The word should be put out about them to everyone!!!! They are overpriced too.

SafeAuto has been great to me. Low cost, great CS. I was sceptical, but they proved to be an excellent choice for me. Been with them for 3 years w/ no problems whatsoever!!

I AGREE SAFE AUTO SUCKS!I have been waiting 3 days for a phone call from them because one of their insured hit my car in my company parking lot and fled the scene. Luckily we knew what company he worked for so after a phone call from his boss, he returned to our company and said he did it.
I can tell this is going to be hassle, thank God for State Farm, QUICK NO HASSLE, I guess with safeauto the victim gets what the idiot who hits you has!!

My wife,2 month old son, and myself were rearended by someone insured with safe auto. I have to have surgery done on my lower back,and my son suffered a hernia,my wife whiplash. Our car was totalled. WE had to call safe auto,and Brittany Newmark is our so called adjuster. She had safeauto tow our car,a 2001 escort,to parts unknown,and had the nerve to value it at 500.00. They refuse to state thier insured policy limits,but yet sent us a letter offering to settle for 1,000.00. This company is a joke,and we cannot wait till our attorney gets us in the courtroom.We gave a statement to our local media,and now safeauto claims to never have heard of us. Simplyput, a scam outfit run by a bunch of degenerate scum.

I dea;t with the three mentioned above, and had to record thier statements to me. REMEMBER THEY RECORD YOU FOR "TRAINING PURPOSES" so you dont have to tell them you are recording. I had to hire an attorney,and all I suffered was 2 chipped incisors,and 2,000.00 damage to my truck when thier insured hit me. Well, after my attorney played back thier recorded lies to their bosses,and theatened to go to the news,they faxed a release,and next dayed a check for the 2000 and one for 25,000.00 for the personal injury!!! Not bad for two chipped teeth. Just shows to what lengths these scum will go to keep thier lies out of the publics eye.

I have had safe auto for about 3 years now. and even though they r a little expensive they have been pretty good to me. They covered my rentals and taht one person is right! read your policy!!!!!! BUT!!!!EVEYONE LOOK!!!! We got a letter in the mail the other day saying that safe auto has been over charging people on average about 35 dollars on their policies since 2001!!! you should check this out. they are talking about refunding some oof this money!!!!

I have had safe auto for about 3 years now. and even though they r a little expensive they have been pretty good to me. They covered my rentals and taht one person is right! read your policy!!!!!! BUT!!!!EVEYONE LOOK!!!! We got a letter in the mail the other day saying that safe auto has been over charging people on average about 35 dollars on their policies since 2001!!! you should check this out. they are talking about refunding some oof this money!!!!

Their whole thing from a business aspect is to pay out as little as possible. I can tell you of a case of theirs. Two parties, neither of which were insured by Safe Auto, were involved in an accident. One party was thrown through the window out onto the road. At this point, a driver insured by safe auto ran the guy on the road over. Safe Auto actually tried not to pay the claims for the deceased’s family. Can you believe it? I sure can. These are the type of people running that place. Their management & staff are only out for the bottom line.

As for the employee that wrote above, they are absolutely correct. The CSR’s have very little power to do anything there. These are people that are paid $10 an hour to answer the phone. Most could give a crap about their jobs, or the people they work for.

I could go on here as to why you should not do business with them, but rather than rant about it, you can see the results of that just reading the rest of the posts here.

How would I know any of this to be true? Former IT staff, and happy to be gone from that hole.

NOT an honest/reliable company. No integrity or need to stand by what they initially tell you. If you are covered with them and need to speak to anyone there or fax anything. Take notes/names and times and dates of calls. Call immediately for fax confirmation. Their underwriting department is a true JOKE! They only keep info that is to their benefit and definately not the customer.

I have to say that although Insurance Monkey does come across a bit harsh, he/she does know what they are talking about.
I used to work for safe auto and can attest to all these horror stories. They came to our town here in Colorado and made all kinds of promises they would not keep. They ended up closing our call center and left us out to dry.

It doesn’t surprise me that SO many people have experienced this side of them.

SHOP AROUND…and if it sounds too good? It probably is.

Remember, this is a small company (when compared to other insurance companies) and what they quote is based on what you say! They don’t have access to your driving record…MVR. They get that info later…and if you have some accident or ticket that you didn’t disclose (or know about) it will come out LATER.

So the quote you get IS always subject to change…ALWAYS!

Another thing to remember…they make money of those *non-refundable* 40.00 application fees. If you get information on your policy (fax) after you started it and want to cancel later, not only will you NOT get the 40.00 back you will be prorated for the amount of time they covered you from the time of the quote to the time you canceled the policy ON top of it.

If you are shopping around (Please do!) do NOT ask for a fax of (POI) proof of insurance and do NOT get in accident (LOL!) …that way you call BEFORE the 2 hour window and cancel no problem…the 40.00 WILL be refunded.

Again…DO NOT shop at safe auto but if you MUST…be prepared. I have heard too many horror stories on those phones.

Peace be with you.

I have safe Auto and to me they’re a bunch of greedy as people.
80.00 dollars to change vin numbers? WTF??
I’m going back to PGA or somewhere else.

I will pay the none refundable 80.00, fine!
but mark my words that I will never,


I use to work for Safe Auto and I believe that those of you who sing their praises don’t really have insurance by them but were paid to do damage control. Insurance is suppose to be an ethical occupation, not one to prey on the less fortunate, which Safe Auto does.

Employees get punished for trying to service their customers, at least the sales agents did.
For example, if my client had trouble with a fax or Western Union/ Money Gram messed up their payment, we were not allotted time to follow through. We were suppose to transfer the calls to customer service. We had to receive so many calls and make so many sales per hour. They did not allow for time to service our customers.

I was punished because I would follow through. I just built a relationship with a customer over the phone where they trusted me with a payment. They had MY name. I gave them MY word I would insure their car. If they had a problem I handled them the way I would want to be treated and that often pulled me away from the phone. Do not get me wrong. It pulled me away from the phone, but majority of the time it was an easy remedy that did not take long since I handled it from start to finish. The problems would blow up when they kept being passed from one person to another. Anyway to encourage us to transfer calls, they increased our call numbers. Needless to say I began to get written up.

I was also written up for telling someone who owned a few stores and a home worth over $500,000 that if he was to get insurance with Safe Auto and have an accident he could be sued because Safe Auto only carried state minimum coverage. A person who is licensed to sale insurance is suppose to be working under an ethical code. That company does not promote that. I was told insurance companies stay in business by not paying claims.

They have awful insurance for customers but are even worse to work for. They are ruled by ideots who only try to screw each other to get ahead even though they dont deserve the position and have no clue about their job. What a joke!!!

I had an accident and saveauto refused to pay for the other person damage (I was found at fault) and said my car was never cover when we added the car three days prior to the accident. As a result my license was suspended for two years, could not work etc and saveauto swear up and down that they have no records of me ever calling three days prior to the accident. Finally a lady suggest to me that i should pull up my phone records and i did and there was the numbers two times. And now I will file a lawsuit against their lying asses for the pain and suffering they have caused me and to my driving record.

Farm Bureau REALLY sucks. They don’t want to pay claims, even though their driver is the one that gets the ticket and causes the wreck.

Thanks for the information. I thought they couldn’t be very reliable; their ads seem to pander to the least responsible customer base. I’m actually afraid of getting into an accident with someone who has their coverage. I decided to go with Geico—though I’ve read here today that some have had trouble with them. Perhaps I should look into State Farm who holds my renter’s policy.

And as for Sarah V’s post, she is obviously a lying company tool. Besides a gross inability to put together a coherent sentence, she claims to have “full coverage” when the company’s ads specifically state that they don’t offer anything but “state minimum coverage”.

In July of 2010 both my sons vehicle and mine were hit by a motorist that had “Safe Auto”, both vehicles were repaired or so they say, my vehicle a 2007 Jeep needed a new lift gate which was replaced with one from a salvage yard… keep in mind this is July and no reason for the rear window defroster to be used (when the switch is put on the light would light) come November when this was needed the window would not heat. The vehicle was taken to the body shop where tests were done and then taken to another garage for further evaluation where it was found that the wires were bad inside the window. I then contacted the Ins. Commission who filed a complaint with Safe Auto, the determination was they will not cover it. WHY does the state government body’s let them get away with this. My answer to anyone who is involved with a claim against Safe Auto….good luck & God help you!

A judge ordered Safe Auto Insurance to pay $11.7 million in damages to about 180 current and former sales representatives whose commissions were wrongfully slashed by the company.

Some of the sales representatives, split between call centers in Columbus and Monroe County in eastern Ohio, stand to gain $100,000 or more from the ruling yesterday, say those involved in the case.

The total could top $14million if Judge Julie Selmon of Monroe County Common Pleas Court finds that the sales representatives are entitled to interest on the $11.7million.

The sales representatives sold insurance policies to drivers who contacted the Columbus-based company for coverage designed to help them meet minimum-coverage standards.

The sales representatives sued the company in 2007, seeking to recover commissions and bonuses that they argued they were owed after the company made a series of cuts in commissions over several years.

The company declined to comment on the ruling other than to say it plans to appeal.

The attorney for the sales representatives, Mark Ropchock of Akron, said yesterday’s judgment was no surprise.

“Why Safe Auto didn’t settle this long ago flies in the face of common sense,” he said.

“They told me four years ago they would litigate this to the death, and they have been true to their word, no matter how stupid that decision has proven along the way.

“That’s the only promise they kept, because the court found they didn’t pay their employees what they promised them.”

Selmon previously had ruled in favor of the sales representatives. Her ruling yesterday set the damages.

The lead plaintiff in the case, John Lucio, who used to work at the company’s office in Monroe County, has said some sales representatives were forced into bankruptcy or lost homes and vehicles after the company slashed commissions.

“I’m excited about this because I’m broke,” he said last month.

The company’s change in sales policies lowered Lucio’s pay by 75percent.

Lucio said some sales representatives were making $150,000 or more when the company began to cut commissions.

note the only positive comments come from a self identified monkey.
safe auto are a disgrace to competent thieves, liars and whores.
kristin watkins had a husband when she got pregnant first time, someone else’s husband. ask jack coolidge how a csr suddenly qualifed to be vp of sales; smells like tuna.
safe auto fired a guy after having cause for half a decade. they ignored their own policy by not escorting him out and shipping the contents of his desk to him. they gave him his briefcase where he kept the gun he used to spray down and take hostages. they had been warned of his threats and ignored them. theft is the least of their crimes. they are responsible for chaos and death. they are convicted in the courts of taking agent commissions. they have lost two appeals, though vanquished they would argue still. management are evil, stupid, greedy assholes as demonstrated by liability chimp.

ps. check the spelling and grammar in the other positive comment from sarah v. another satified customer, i mean THE other satisfied customer. embarisly? good job, you could work there.
insurance monkey want banana

jeff said; safe auto sucks balls. true, especially in the person of geoffrey javer, fag and a half.

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