jwz was right

References here and here. This is most definetly brand necrophilia. Not even just brand necrophilia, this is just horrible bastardization of a brand that tried to die an honorable death (and failed, also thanks to AOL). So we have a Yahoo toolbar, Google toolbar, NEtscape toolbar, and a dozen others, along with self installing malware in IE. Can IE users even see webpages anymore with all these toolbars?

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  1. tammie had this to say,

    August 19, 2006 @ 9:34 am

    i was rearended by a drunk driver who had safe auto and we filed through our insurance and let them go after safe auto. but we had to deal with them ourselves to get the money for me missing work and for a rental car, it was the biggest run around i have ever had in my life. we finally called our insurance company and they gave us a number you can call when you think a insurance company is not being lagitament. i got my money for work and a rental car soon after. there is someone you can call for help you just have to ask around.