GMail Winners

These guys were the randomly (and boy do I mean randomly) picked winners who entered via a comment in the previous entry, and the emails where the invites were sent: Zach (zachspoelstra [at] yahoo [dot] com) Bryan Simonson (manticor24 [at] yahoo [dot] com) DNapalm (dnapalm [at] hotmail [dot] com) Martin Morrison (mam53 [at] cam [dot] […]

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Firefox has FireSomething, the random name generator, so I think Thunderbird needs something similar. Maybe even add a random-interval feature where the name will change (surprise) at random intervals. Imagine an application that just keeps changing it’s own name, randomly, while it’s still running. 🙂

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I have some extra invites to GMail, with most of my friends covered already, so I can give a couple away. Asa is giving some away too, as is Pav, and now that I have extras, I’ll join the club. I have no idea how I’ll pick, so just throw your name in the hat, […]

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