Just installing now. the most striking thing I’ve come across so far is the custom install path – I installed in D:\Browsers\ pointed the path there, clicked "new directory" and it created one _with the Safari name_ , for me it’s the little things like that that make my life easier.

Mitigated by the request to install a wadge of Apple extras that I don’t want or need.

When I saw the news I got a very strong april fools feeling… 🙂

Are you using Minefield? The font smoothing in that is actually a lot nicer than Safari’s, to my eye.

Font smoothing in Minefield? When I turn the windows font smoothing off I don’t get no font smoothing at all… Is it only available in the very latest nightlies?

Not bad, but without Find As You Type, a keyboard shortcut to switch tabs (Ctrl+Tab didn’t work, neither did Ctrl+Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Right arrow), or keywords for bookmarks/ quicksearches, it doesn’t even come close to Firefox for me. Pretty, though, and good to see another standards-based player for Windows.

From where I’m sitting, ClearType looks much better than Safari’s font smoothing.

Status: Adding *.local to proxy exception list

The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2738.

I guess no Safari for me.

Pretty impressive of them that they managed to mess up in the installer.

I’m not that pleased with the fonts in safari as well. Cleartype and Firefox look better if you ask me. Especially when bold and normal text are on one line, I hardly see the difference in safari.

Just reading through all the blogs this morning, and first I saw a couple of people saying "wow, this smoothing is great, Firefox needs to copy this", and then I see people saying <a href="…">"Safari’s fonts are all messed up"</a> (the comments there have some argument about this issue).

Does anyone know how much code is shared between Windows and Mac versions? Can you assume Mac and Windows versions works and renders the same way on 99% of all webpages?
Of course I’m asking because I wanna know if a Windows-version is a reliable test-app for Safari/Mac compatibility of webpages.

You gotta be high or blind because Safari’s font smoothing is terrible. It ruins the look of web pages and Firefox + cleartype is way better and much easier on the eyes.

I gotta agree with JD.

From where I’m sitting, Firefox is way smoother than Safari. (IBM X31 default resolution)

1. Did you know WebKit, Safari’s backend, even the Windows version, is opensource? (

2. http://www.joelonsoftware.c… pretty much explains the whole font smoothing issue.

I agree with others — the fonts are blurry and suck to read. Various sites claim this to be a Microsoft-Apple split over readability versus faithfulness to the typographer’s intentions, and honestly, I couldn’t care less what the typographer thought when he made his oh-so-beautiful printable font — I want to be able to read it on a screen, since that’s where I’ll see it most.

I don’t like font smoothing at all and always turn it off.

I don’t see how you can compare those screenshots in the post and honestly say that Firefox looks better. I guess like most things, even text appearance is completely subjective….

Ok, so some people like fuzzy, pretty text, other people like readable text and using an LCD without getting a headache.

Apple, please, FFS give us the option to disable the fuzzy font nightmare!

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