I use spinfox on trunk nightlies with nightly tester tools, and it seems to work fine. Don’t know if you want to set the maxversion to reflect that or mention it anywhere.

Thanks for the extension!

Umm, I THINK I did that. If I didn’t set maxver right, let me know, but I think I set it to accept all Firefox 2.0.0.x versions.

You don’t have to release a new xpi to bump the maxversion – you can just change it in your update.rdf file (or whatever you call your add-on’s em:updateURL)

well then we know what’s coming in spinfox 0.7.2 😉

Grey – the official recommendation afaik is to set maxVersion to allow anything on the last digit. So for Firefox 1.5 this was 1.5.0.*, and for Firefox 2. this is 2.0.0.*.

How is your promised 32×32 throbber going? Can it be expected anytime soon?

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