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Spinfox 0.7

[ music | Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round ]

Wow, over a month with no posts. It’s been a crazy busy month though. To all my friends whom I have neglected email, I’m sorry, I’ll catch up this weekend I swear. 🙂

Now on to the topic. Spinfox. This is announcing a release!

Thanks to the ever so awesome Euan Ritchie
and his herd of domesticated Puppeteers, Spinfox is now an XPI installable Extension. Currently this is 0.7 because I have some
additional stuff to enhance. Next features are replacing the throbber on tabs, maybe extra large sizes (we’ll see how that works),
possibly smoothing the images a little more, etc. Neither Euan nor myself are responsible if you put your eye out installing this.

Spinfox 0.7 XPI.

UPDATE:Link fixed. Had a dash instead of an equals sign. Oops.

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