Prefbar for FF2?

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I upgraded to Firefox 2, but Prefbar 3.3.1 isn’t compatible yet. Anyone know anything about it?

Update: Dude! The originator of the Prefbar extension commented, and alerted me to some issues with the whole situation. I hope the community can help find a way out of this and bring back an incredibly handy tool.


My guess: months at least, maybe never. The guy who works on the Prefbar these days has a serious grudge against the entire Firefox project (he wants everyone to use SeaMonkey). The long version is here:

I’ve been wanting to take it back up myself lately, but if I call what I make Prefbar it’ll start a huge fight with that guy, and if I don’t none of the old Prefbar users will be able to find it. Any suggestions?
Aaron Andersen
(original creator of the Prefbar)

I’ll dupe this to your blog too, but honestly, I’d just fork it and rename it. Maybe QuickPrefs or something. I’ll blog about the new project to help you get some visibility. I have used Prefbar since it first appeared over at XULplanet, and am honestly honored that you replied and want to take up the project again. It’s just too handy to do without, and anything I can do to help (probably not that much) I’ll do. 🙂

I’d wait. I haven’t seen anything in Firefox 2 worth upgrading to… nor meriting a "2.0" label. The Places architecture behind Favorites and History would’ve just barely merited it, and it was pulled, amazingly, leaving Firefox 2 a glorious name with little to say for itself.

Not that Firefox 2 is a bad browser. It’s just not a meaningful improvement on 1.5 to warrant any stress over plugins working. If you have even one that would stop working by upgrading (so, if you have any plugins at all), I say don’t bother.

If you’re a new user, 2’s probably a fine choice, if constricting in what plugins you can choose when you go looking.

do u guys know where it’s possible do download the good old firefox 1.5.7 – official page now has only version 2.0

You could maybe try this link, although I’m not sure if it’s for version 1.5 or 1.5.7.

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