How do you know Firefox 2.0 downloads beat IE 7 downloads? How many IE 7 downloads there were in the first 24 hours?


Even if Firefox had, say, 6 millions in 3 days, the current stats of usage worldwide are *_overwhelmingly_* in favor of IE.

I believe you have the right to be happy about the overall number of downloads in recent days and happy about the excellent quality of Firefox 2 (and reviewers overall so far prefer Fx 2: that too is important) but we’re still very very far from the point where we could all be singing "We Are The Champions" from Queen.



Gerard: Don’t you have more important parades to rain on?

I don’t want to make the numbers seem less impressive, but one of the reasons for the difference might be that IE7 has only been released in one language at the moment (en-US), whereas Firefox has released many languages simultaneously. (Of course, this is really a good point in favour of Firefox :).)

I thought about not downloading it (I want nl-NL), but I did download the en-US version in the end. But there may have been a lot of people who postponed downloading the browser until it becomes available in their language.


I recently upgraded to Firefox 2 after getting sick of Firefox 1.Blah crashing.

However, despite the fact that I’ve upgraded and tweaked all my system settings (ZoneAlarm, WinPatrol, Ad-Aware, Spybot, AVG, and WinFortress) I’m still having a bitchy time keeping it from crashing.

I love Firefox, but I’ve had so many more crashes on it than on IE or Opera.

Any suggestions?

Or perhaps I’m just over-paranoid and need to unchoke my bandwidth?

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