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I hate people.

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If you tune out geekish entries, don’t ignore this one, this is a good old fashioned rant.

I visit BusinessWeek Online to read this story on IE7. I scroll down, but there’s nothing to read. They have succumbed to the idiotic Audioblog/Podcast meme. I hate podcasts, I hated them when they were audioblogs, I liked them when they were called talk radio, but that’s because I was in the car, and you can’t read and drive at the same time (safely). Anyway, so people rarely provide a transcript, so I generally ignore their podcasts. This is why (this is if you already know why).

But this one is newsworthy enough that I was going to break down and listen. But they can’t just provide a link to the media file, no. That would be far too simple. You have to either use iTunes, which I hate, or subscribe to their RSS Feed with your feed reader. So I just peeked at the source to their RSS feed, and grabbed the media file’s link manually.

They typoed the goddamned filename. They make you jump through hoops just to listen, and then they can’t even type the damn filename right.

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