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Flight 666, please return to the tarmac, there are corpses on the runway.

[ music | Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around The Block ]

<Tom> jx are you stable now or what
<jX> Temporarily stable. Still moving back to Boston though, just to a nicer place.
<jX> I look at this as like a plane going back to the taxiway after discovering a problem on the runway.
<Tom> oh you're back home?
<jX> yeah, for the moment.
<jX> sadly.
<jX> but it's ten thousand times better than that hovel.
<jX> And after driving in Boston for a week, I will NEVER EVER AGAIN bash PA or Pittsburgh roads again.
<jX> Apparently, the concept of a level driving surface is unknown in Mass.
<wheels> o_O
<jX> And they have loops on roads, where multiple roads connect (rather than cloverleaf exits and such), they call them Rotaries. Rotaries are exempt from all driving laws apparently. They're little mini Thunderdomes.
<jX> The only rule I discovered is if you think you have to slow down, just go faster.
<jX> And if your car can't accelerate fast, God have mercy on your soul.
<Chewie[]> Or, er, body.
<jX> No, soul, because if you can't gun it, your body is history.

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