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Aaron Brown and CNN part ways

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Well, CNN did it, they let go the classiest and most interesting anchor they had. As if giving Wolf Blitzer three solid hours every day wasn’t bad enough, they’ve let Aaron Brown go from the network. I liked him almost instantly from the morning of September 11, 2001, when he was on the roof of CNN’s New York offices covering the horrors of that day. And I liked his NewsNight show ever since. No longer. If he shows up on another news network, I just might find myself watching a lot less CNN.

Aaron Brown

Update: Ok, Anderson Cooper, who now has Aaron’s timeslot, just finished his first hour in that timeslot with a 4 minute piece on Aaron’s background, his time at CNN, how they worked together at ABC and then CNN, and thanked him in a very generous and sincere manner. Not a ten second blurb or something thrown together, but a 4 minute segment with old footage and such that actually took time and energy to do. CNN is was damn lucky to have Aaron, and I’m telling you, they’re damn lucky to have Anderson Cooper. They dismissed Aaron in a very tactless manner, but Anderson Cooper just showed the world that some people at CNN still have class. Bravo, Anderson, bravo.

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