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The Toy…

[ music | The Divinyls – I Touch Myself ]

In an amazing turn of events, the Brits have leapfrogged the rest of the world in the areas of cell phone convergence and teledildonics. Forget USB vibrators or the iBrator (awesome fake-ad), we’re 100% mobile with your cellphone and Bluetooth wirelss technology with The Toy.

Controlling The Toy

  • Familiar sms text command system
  • Secret 6 digit Tag in text message controls The Toy
  • The Toy reacts only to your tagged sms messages
  • Write whatever you like, The Toy will respond
  • 26 letters have 3 different movement profiles
  • Each of these has 5 speeds, 3 time settings
  • 45 possible effects from any one letter
  • 7200 variations from a single text message

There is so much I could say, I just can’t decide…

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