Selling my soul on eBay! (not quite)

[ music | Nirvana – The Man Who Sold the World ]

Well, this is it. I’ve put my ad-space offer thing on eBay. With any luck at all someone will notice it and spread it around the world, and even buy the damn thing. I started it at $1,000 because it’s more honest than a reserve price with a starting bid of $1, and the Buy It Now price of $5k because that’s my pie in the sky dream. We’ll see…


Well, MoCo has a far wider effect then formerly thought 😉

The description doesn’t really say anything about what kind of traffic your site receives… Number of visitors, audience type, etc. I’d say that is pretty important information.


Grauw: I thought of that this morning as I was preparing for the day. Luckily it’ sonly a little bit into the auction, and I mentioned I’ll be updating it as it continues. 🙂

I just asked you two questions on your ebay auction, and it occurred to me that if you were to get 10 Dreamhost referrals, you’d be at $970, nearly what your opening bid is. I see that you’ve got a DH banner in the place that the eBay auction would go. Are you really willing to give up the money that could be made? Or will you incorporate DH referrals in another way? (Text links always got more clicks, for me.)

Regardless, what you’re doing intrigues me. I have no need to advertise anything, but if I did, I would consider your auction. I shall watch its progress with interest.

I still have the DreamHost button to the left, but with Dreamhost, you have to wait out the 97 day money back period before you can actually get paid. I can’t see a reason why I would pull the Dreamhost button. But I’ll be dumping the Kanoodle/BrightAds stuff soon, because they payout sucks, and frankly, I think they’re severely undercounting clicks. I’m seeing about 5% of what I did with Google, regardless of the supposed "invalid click" bit.

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