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How about some Mozilla posters?

[ music | Dido – Do You Have A Little Time ]

Several weeks ago I sent in a proposal to MoFo about licensing, and still haven’t recieved an answer back. Rather than let all this time continue to go by wasted, I’ve decided to at least test the waters, as it were. A long time ago I took several old images, and recreated them in Illustrator so they would scale better for large printing. Turns out it’s rather expensive to do these on a one by one basis. So why not leverage the economies of scale? If we sell a thousand of these things, we get them much cheaper and better quality than you could swing at Kinkos.

So, to find out if this is feasable while I wait to hear about licensing rights from MoFo, why not take a 45 second survey? It’s in an iframe right here. No personal information is collected. Please be nice and just submit once, so I don’t get over inflated numbers. If there’s a big enough interest, and MoFo greenlights me with licensing, we can make this happen! I’ve tried to guesstimate the price at around $20-$25 tops, but it could be less depending on the response.


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