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Liberal and Proud

Anymore, it’s taboo to refer to someone by whatever racial/ethnic/religious/etc. category, as it can be construed as offensive or pejorative, except when it comes to the political term “Liberal”. The Republican party has managed to turn the word “liberal” into a dirty word, a word of slander, and quite frankly, I’m sick of it. Anymore Bush is on the trail bashing Kerry just for being “Liberal”. So what? He’s a social conservative and no one is demonizing that word. Sure, we disagree with the positions, but not the word itself. That’s hollow. And now, at a time when the deficit is bigger than it’s ever been, and the national debt is bigger than it’s ever been, and spending is far outpacing intake (obviously, with that big a deficit), they have the gall to bring back the phrase “tax and spend Liberal”. I’m sick of the ad hominem attacks from the right, fed up with it to my nose. If you want to debate positions then fine, but if you have to resort to name calling, then you obviously feel your positions are so weak as to be indefensible, and should just be quiet.

And additionally, it’s time for Liberals everywhere to take back that word. Do not be ashamed when you are called a Liberal. Do not deny it, or try to defend being one. Respond, “Yes, I am a Liberal. I believe in Liberty, and in granting as much freedom to American citizens as is possible. That’s why America was founded. Are you against freedom and liberty?”

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