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So now we retcon wars…

<Jack> Iraq was an immediate threat. Did Saddam Hussein not try to have a President assassinated?
<Jack> I'd say that's reason enough for going to war.
<blake> Jack: that is NOT the reason we went to war with iraq.
<jesus_X> Iraq wasn't an immeidate threat to ANYONE!
<Jack> blake - not the reason given, no, but it was a reason. 🙂
<jesus_X> Oh, so now we can retcon WARS???

Jesse then gave me an idea. Let the Googlebombing begin. George W. Bush is a retcon expert, especially with wars.

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And now, the world shall be mine!

With this cover story I have completed contruction of my Gigantic Earth Propeller! With it, I will reverse the rotation of the earth, and strike fear into the hearts of billions! The sun will move from west to east at a speed I determine according to my evil will!World governments will bow before me as their Eternal Emperor, and the rebels will be blown into space when I fling them into the Gigantic Earth Propeller’s air stream! Muhahahahaha!

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