The Logo, Transmogrified

Well. It seems I’ve had my first official trademark infringement letter! Gerv mailed me and said if I didn’t change the logos he’d send over Vinnie to break my knees. No, actually, he reminded me of something I already knew, yet forgot. We have to be proactive and protect the trademark so the foundation doesn’t lose it, and to help keep people from making official-looking buttons that say stuff like “Firefox – Now With Spyware!” or “Firefox – Now With Alien-Tentacle-Rape Hentai!” (he didn’t mention the alien-tentacle-rape hentai, but I figure it’s a good example). So I remembered Jon Hicks had blogged a little about his thought processes in creating the Firefox logo. I specifically liked this little guy. So, I used that as an inspirational base, and made this guy. I’m not the artist Jon is, but I like it. So, all the buttons listed in this post have been changed to reflect this, except the FireCthulu button as evil is trademark free.


  1. Phil Ringnalda had this to say,

    September 22, 2004 @ 3:18 am

    I’m not quite sure what to use as button text, but that little guy always looks to me like he should have skipped the 17-alarm chili, if he didn’t want to wind up farting flame.

  2. Grey had this to say,

    September 22, 2004 @ 8:34 am

    Hahahahaha! I never looked at it like that… hmm… Maybe Jon had the original tail off to the side for a reason… 🙂

  3. Ivan Icin had this to say,

    September 22, 2004 @ 1:53 pm

    I hope you like my idea about regulating microcampaigns. See

    If there is the policy, I believe that most users will agree on it when making custom material.

  4. Kenneth (Kete) Foy had this to say,

    September 22, 2004 @ 5:51 pm

    A for effort. The logo looks so bad. The fox needs to face us. I hope somebody makes your idea look as good as the Thunderbird icon.

  5. Kenneth (Kete) Foy had this to say,

    September 22, 2004 @ 5:52 pm

    I meant the current firefox logo looks so bad.

  6. foxy tory had this to say,

    September 24, 2004 @ 12:18 pm

    Eww, the Thunderbird icon is so ugly, especially iwht that yellow crusty envelope. THe FF icon is my favoruite icon in the world, along with WMP9’s icon.