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Games! Woo!

This is one fun little game. It’s easy. You’re the black square. use it to grab the other black squares as they fly by. Hit a pink square, you die. Grab a black circle, and you get various features. It’s quite fun.

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The Logo, Transmogrified

Well. It seems I’ve had my first official trademark infringement letter! Gerv mailed me and said if I didn’t change the logos he’d send over Vinnie to break my knees. No, actually, he reminded me of something I already knew, yet forgot. We have to be proactive and protect the trademark so the foundation doesn’t lose it, and to help keep people from making official-looking buttons that say stuff like “Firefox – Now With Spyware!” or “Firefox – Now With Alien-Tentacle-Rape Hentai!” (he didn’t mention the alien-tentacle-rape hentai, but I figure it’s a good example). So I remembered Jon Hicks had blogged a little about his thought processes in creating the Firefox logo. I specifically liked this little guy. So, I used that as an inspirational base, and made this guy. I’m not the artist Jon is, but I like it. So, all the buttons listed in this post have been changed to reflect this, except the FireCthulu button as evil is trademark free.

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