External tab control, Bug 172962, almost FIXED!

Something I’ve been waiting for since the day after tabs went into Mozilla has finally arrived. Bug 172962 has seen some great activity in the past few days. A few great patches were attached, got some even better suggestions, and when Ben Goodger got back from New Zealand, he started pounding on them. Well, today the patch collection got +r, +sr, and finally approval to be checked into the Aviary branch where FirePanda and ThunderPants live! I’m so happy I could skip down to the ince cream store (but I won’t). Now if someone can design an extension to fix Bug 233122 I could go use Firefox full time. Man, this stuff just keeps getting better. I even got to post a newsbit rounding up a trio of Mozilla/Firefox articles today.


  1. Phil Ringnalda had this to say,

    September 28, 2004 @ 10:07 pm

    It’s not quite a return to separate download windows, but have you tried Download Statusbar? It took me a while to get used to it, but now that I have, I’m shocked when I don’t have it installed in a new profile and something else happens with a download. (u.m.o/download tools).

  2. Grey had this to say,

    September 29, 2004 @ 12:03 am

    In fact, I have, since my last blog about the problem. but alas, I’m so stuck in my ways of both stacking download dialogs, and looking at the taskbar when in other apps for progress, I don’t think I could change. The fact that BitTorrent also shows me progress in the taskbar will forever keep me waiting for a download dialog… Maybe I’ll set up a contest… 🙂

  3. txGreg had this to say,

    September 29, 2004 @ 12:22 pm

    Bug 233122 — funny, this reminds me a lot of the new discussions about the "new & improved" searchbar. Some people love it, some of us hate it. Why can’t we have both available (old find box – proven code, and the new one which is still in need of work)?

  4. Grey had this to say,

    September 29, 2004 @ 12:41 pm

    txGreg: I think the rationale is ease of use, but I don’t see how leaving in some of the older, more proven methods is somehow degrading a user experience. If they never see it, exactly how will it complicate their experience?