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I have some extra invites to GMail, with most of my friends covered already, so I can give a couple away. Asa is giving some away too, as is Pav, and now that I have extras, I’ll join the club. I have no idea how I’ll pick, so just throw your name in the hat, and we’ll see. 🙂

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Insane EULA clauses

Wow. I like Monopoly, and so while I was picking up cables and whatnot at a local store, I saw in their games aisle a 3D Monopoly game, with network play, for ten bucks. So I grabbed it. I like it, well worth ten dollars. But the nutty part was what I saw when reading the End User License Agreement for the game. I grasp companies have to limit their liability and all but I found this clause just plain funny:

You acknowledge that Hasbro Interactive is not responsible for the Internet or whether it should continue to exist in its present form or whether or not a government or governmental agency, either foreign or domestic, will control, regulate or disband the Internet.

I can see making it clear the Internet isn’t their responsibility, but the rest is bizarre.

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jwz was right

References here and here. This is most definetly brand necrophilia. Not even just brand necrophilia, this is just horrible bastardization of a brand that tried to die an honorable death (and failed, also thanks to AOL). So we have a Yahoo toolbar, Google toolbar, NEtscape toolbar, and a dozen others, along with self installing malware in IE. Can IE users even see webpages anymore with all these toolbars?

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