Via Dylan

I took a tour, I rode the wind,
I went to find, Went around that bend.

I saw brilliance, a thousand little lights,
they crashed to earth and lost their fights.

We looked around to see what we could see,
we saw the things we wished could be.

We dropped our guard, and let out a yell,
decided we’d all rather reign in Hell.

We were young a dumb, like lambs of the spring.
We drove off a cliff, we done a damn dumb thing.

We had it all in the palm of our hands,
we threw it away and ate the plans.

There were a million men with ideas of gold,
we’ll be lucky if fifty can grow old.

We tried drugs and sex and rock and roll,
and told ourselves we weren’t just foals.

We wandered west from the Island to the Beach,
To discover what the world had to teach.

But we couldn’t hear what the world had to say,
we yelled and screamed and got in the way.

Then we took up arms against the men of the old,
we wanted to heat up the long dark cold.

We decided to find out what if life was worth living,
to find what she had, to take what she’s giving.

We rolled up that hill, and fell off that line.
got in a fight, paid the damn fine.

After the spring, that flower done bloom.
That beautiful son, it filled up the room.

It lasted all day, and all night, and all year, and thousand more like it.

I don’t wanna look to deep or too long,
if push it too hard then the feeling is gone.

I have to collapse and roll around in the mud,
there’s no wolf at the door, this joint is a dud.

But there’s crazy shit happenin’ here in my head,
we’re all swimming in honey and lead.

There’s ten, and there’s twenty, and thirty, and more.
We’re with you in Rockland, we’re the wolf at the door.

But there’s no use in knockin’, we’re on the watch tower, watchin’.

You’re a fool, so am I! Ain’t it great? Never die!
We’re with you in Rockland, here’s a cot, have a lie.