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Trolls don’t just live under bridges.

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MozillaZine’s forums are nearly worthless these days. I know of moderators that have been complaining about other mods for ages, but now they’ve taken to new lows. Today, Daifne has seen fit to mouth off and scurrilously accuse the wife of a lead developer of trying to scam people out of personal data. Basically, the egos on some of these people would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

For the sake of this discussion, we’re going to ignore how Lucy was the prime mover on the “Bookmarks missing after installing Firefox 2” problem when FF2 was first released. Why? Well, because Daifne did. Either out of ignorance, or because she was too lazy to check up on a person before accusing them of nefarious activities, she put her foot squarely in her mouth, with her sidekick “malliz” there to keep the foot embedded. When learning identities later, Daifne didn’t bother to do anything like apologize or even acknowledge a mistake, she instead decided to defame and insult Mike Connor.

And yes, after watching the forums at MozillaZine go downhill for years, I had enough. I made a statement. I stand by it. There are too many trollish moderators at MozillaZine. And it’s sad.

At least Lucy was able to still help the user. Not that it mattered to the mods.

P.S. Wow, ok, well, they’re still at it. Daifne? Can you hear me honey? You’re a troll. And I’m not the only one who is saying so. (Please don’t post, just read unless you’re going to be constructive)

P.P.S. Ok, Dartman? You can go to hell too.

P.P.P.S. Wow. Mega kudos to Alex Bishop for this post. He said everything I was thinking in a far more cogent manner than I did off the cuff. Bravo.

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