Qualcomm to make Eudorabird?

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Whoa. Pardon me while I have a cup of awesome. This press release from Qualcomm is incredible. I used to use Eudora years ago, and loved it, but switched over to MozMail for the integration in the Suite. When Firefox and Thunderbird hit the shelf, I moved over, and they work great together. But this bit about Eudora now being based on TB is awesome, because we’ll get Gecko goodness with Eudora’s feature set. I just hope they keep or improve on TB’s spam filtering. This is something I’ll be keeping an eye on.


I hope they push any changes they make upstream!

Call me a cynic, but this sounds like they are discontinuing Eudora and releasing a branded version of Thunderbird to keep their old customers happy.

Yes, I also hope that any changes get put back.

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